GiveCentral SmartGive Email Drives $290,000 in Pledges

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GiveCentral SmartGive Email Drives $290,000 in Pledges

Email campaigns are the backbone of fundraising appeals. To be successful, campaigns need to be donor-centric. GiveCentral SmartGive is a single-click automated payment link our team can help you embed into your appeal emails so donors can click and commit and you can meet and exceed your goal!

Our SmartGive technology dramatically increases donations by eliminating the need (and barrier) for donors to enter their personal information. SmartGive tokens securely store payment preferences so it’s one click and done for donors.

In a recent Annual Appeal communication in partnership with the Diocese of San Jose, GiveCentral SmartGive tokens raised $290,000 in new pledge commitments – all from a single email. Do your solicitation emails garner such an incredible return?

By the numbers

  • An incredible open rate of 75% – nearly 3 times the nonprofit industry average 
  • Click-through rate of 16% – more than 4 times the nonprofits industry average 

“GiveCentral’s SmartGive emails gave us a giant head start on our 2022 annual campaign”

– Sue Pershon, Annual Diocesan Appeal Manager for the Diocese of San Jose
GiveCentral can help you rapidly raise more with our highly-effective, state-of-the-art SmartGive technology built with ease of donor engagement in mind. Our team is ready to help you put SmartGive tokens to work for your campaign. We are here to help. Contact us via email at support.

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