5 Nonprofit Fundraising Website Features To Attract More Supporters

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5 Nonprofit Fundraising Website Features To Attract More Supporters

When you want to create or redesign your nonprofit fundraising website, you will want to offer the best experience to your donors and thus derive the maximum benefit (more visits, more contacts, more donations, etc.).

To achieve these goals, your site will of course have to be at its best. The quality of the design, the speed of loading, the clarity in the content and the navigation, and its optimization for referencing will already be very important elements to make your showcase site perfect.

Then, to maximize the achievement of your objectives and maximize your performance, you can add a number of features.

Let’s see together the features most often seen on showcase sites, and why it may be useful for yours. Also, this article will also help you find out why people are leaving your website without making a donation

1. Online Donation, Events, Appointment Booking

You may sometimes want your customers to be able to book your service online . Whether it is for an entry to a conference or a concert, a sermon online, an appointment…

You must then install a module (or plugin) to allow your donors to do so. For many organizations, this is a real asset, because it saves time both for your community members and for you in your day-to-day management of affairs.

2. Make It Multilingual

This consists of making your nonprofit fundraising website available in several languages ​​(those of your prospects and donors in this case). For this, via a WordPress showcase site, we integrate a module such as WPML or Polylang . Then each page you create in your language is then duplicated. All you have to do is translate the text.

3. Contact form

Although more basic than a contact form, yet a few rules apply.

First of all, the contact form is there to encourage your donors to ask you a question or start a discussion. It intervenes either in a prospecting process (we seek to obtain new leads), or in a loyalty process (we seek to be available to our donors).

I would therefore tend to advise to always have a contact form, even if you add an email and a telephone number. Indeed, the latter requires an additional “effort”. However, what could be simpler and faster than filling out a form, if it includes only the essential fields (maximum 4 I would say).

4. Slider Images

A slider is usually present on the home page, just below the menu (and above the fold line). These are usually 3 to 5 images on which there is text, and which present different elements of your website. It is in a way a highlighting of sections of your site.

If, and only if the design is well done (by a real web designer), the rendering can be really attractive and encourage clicks. You direct your visitors to where to go on your site.

5. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have so much to say about your products and services, and you can’t always find the space, you can create an additional page to list your customers’ Frequently Asked Questions. You can put this in the footer of your site.

This prevents you from overloading the presentation of your services with secondary information. This also allows your customers to have exhaustive information . Finally, it allows your customer service to refer to this page when you receive a message whose question is already answered in the FAQ.


In conclusion, we see that there are a lot of features that can make the experience on your site interesting. You must choose them carefully, so as not to invade your nonprofit fundraising website with useless functionalities which would then load your site.

I usually advise my clients to add the ones that are fundamental to their campaign first and get started that way. Then in a second step, add new ones gradually. For custom work on your fundraising page or website or more information contact us at support. Our fundraising experts can walk you through products and features you need most to reach your target goals. 


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