Benefits of crowdfunding in the nonprofit sector

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Benefits of crowdfunding in the nonprofit sector

Fundraising trends of the nonprofits have changed drastically over the years. In the past, fundraising for nonprofits was limited to local fundraising events and postal solicitations. Fundraisers have thus tried to innovate the fundraising sector, to open up more and more donation pipelines. Crowdfunding is a product of this struggle.

Crowdfunding utilizes the medium of internet to connect donors and campaign managers. Crowdfunding essentially opens up a nonprofit cause to the millions of people with an internet connection across the world. Even though crowdfunding has been around for years, it is not a relatively common practice amongst campaign managers. GiveCentral, thus, attempts to enlighten you about the numerous benefits of crowdfunding in the nonprofit sector.

The ability to make a difference.

Many people look for new causes to donate to. They realize the power of their contribution and have the intention to make a difference. But, owing to location constraints, these people find it difficult to contribute as much as they like. More often than not, their contribution will be rendered moot by the additional costs incurred. Crowdfunding solves this problem. It enables people to make a difference. It allows people to sit at their homes, log in to the internet, and donate to a nonprofit cause of their wish. In this way, no matter how small of a contribution they make, they will have made a difference.

Nonprofits can get rid of investment costs.

Conventional fundraising almost always requires an investment to run. There exists a need for massive promotion of such events, which incur advertisement costs. There’s also the need to organize a easyfundraising event, where people with the ability and intent to contribute can assemble. Crowdfunding allows the campaign managers to utilize the free services of social media to promote their cause and solicit donations from willing contributors. Even when an investment is involved, it can be observed that these investments are marginal when compared to conventional investment costs.

Ability to integrate latest marketing trends.

Crowdfunding enables campaign managers to utilize the latest marketing trends and practices. Gone are those days when advertisements simply meant commercials broadcasted in the local news channel. With social media, marketing practices have seen a drastic change. With content oriented advertisements, and SEO enabled blogs, marketing has never been this advanced. Crowdfunding practices accommodate for these marketing trends to be utilized to promote the nonprofit cause. It enables the campaign manager to run a more effective crowdfunding strategy.

With this information, GiveCentral hopes that more and more people feel comfortable in using crowdfunding as a regular medium to promote and run your nonprofit campaign.


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