Why are people leaving your website without making a donation?

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Why are people leaving your website without making a donation?

When creating a donation website, your primary goal is to get as many visitors to it as possible. After spending a lot of time building a site in your image, it is disappointing if it never gets seen. Attracting people to your site is one thing, but keeping them there for more than fifteen seconds is another! The goal? Decrease the bounce rate, the percentage of Internet users who enter a page on your website and leave without viewing other pages. Make your website a donation website where people stop, get engaged and then donate. Here are five reasons why people leave your site and the easy ways to fix them.

1. Your site takes a long time to download.

Even the most interested donors will loose interest if they have to wait long for your content to load.

Clean up your content and keep it from getting overloaded. Adding multiple endless photos, videos, music and texts are the main causes of slow downloads, so divide your content into different pages.

2. Irregular/ missing or lack of quality content.

The content should be positioned according to the action you want your visitor to take. If the purpose if to persuade them to make a donation – share a short story, details of the cause and place bold call-to-action buttons where they can easily see them. If you want them to sign up- the content will be very different from the previous example.

It is important to understand that the home page makes all the difference on the interest shown by the visitor, on the other hand, we must keep content to create other interesting and more detailed pages. 

Keep your website active. Integrate a blog to share the latest updates or social media channels if you prefer to take the conversation ongoing with your community.  Do not use the words “Under construction” on future pages or content, and most importantly, be sure to make updates and posts on a regular basis.

3. Poor readability.

You may have the most interesting content in the world, but if visitors are unable to read it, either because of the colors, the size of the letters or the choice of typography, you are giving them a negative user experience.

Take the pains to consult a professional, who will be able to guide you in these choices. Our team specialized in custom giving pages, mobile optimized donation pages for nonprofit fundraising and faith-based charities. Connect with us for a free consultation anytime.

4. You ignored the design of the website.

Too few people know the power of the first impression. Getting people to stay longer than a few seconds on your homepage is quite a challenge, but with an eye-catching design, the curious will want to see more! Use beautiful fonts, quality images and a punchy visual, and people will never want to leave your site!

5. Bad navigation.

It is important that visitors quickly find the information they are looking for on your site. Complex or inconsistent navigation can produce the following emotions: helplessness, confusion, irritation. these are not the emotions that we want to associate with our brand!

The navigation of your site should therefore be simple, fluid and easy to understand. If your navigation is complex because you have a lot of content, adding a site map is desirable.

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