Secrets to a Successful Nonprofit Digital Transformation

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Secrets to a Successful Nonprofit Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process through which technology is used by an organization to change or improve business performance. At the moment, both for-profit and nonprofit businesses are undergoing a drastic digital transformation and online meetings have become a norm. However, digital transformation is not just about fundraising for nonprofits; it also includes handling of transfer papers, logistics, marketing, management of staff and distribution of work, all digitally. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for every member of your nonprofit to remain in the heart of your digital transformation. Considering the convenience of each team is crucial to the success of your digital transformation, GiveCentral has listed down a few tips to help you transform your business the right way. 

Figure out what isn’t working

Take a moment to analyze and decide on the activities, operations and projects that need to be reworked as per the social distancing requirements. Create plans for the activities that must continue digitally. Look around, read and research on how other nonprofit organizations are coming up with solutions and see if that would work for your business too. For instance, donations that come in while fundraising for nonprofits are mainly through online and mobile giving

Digitize your paper process

Every organization has paper processes that are otherwise done in person. For nonprofits, volunteer and donor details are mainly collected through forms and documents. You can easily do the same with the help of a customized online form for your supporters to fill. Start with setting up a meeting with your staff members who handle this process, outline the key elements and include the same on your online form. Provide training to your team for easy operation and map out the improvements that can be made on your digital platform. 

Know your audience

Your supporters come from different age groups. Therefore, be thorough with insights you have on your volunteers and donors. The digital tools that you adopt should ideally be simple and easy to use. Create tutorial videos and publish it on your website and social media handles; be open to questions and have your answers ready. It is extremely important to build your digital strategy keeping in mind the best interest of your biggest stakeholders.

Think long term

Everybody would like to best believe that there will be a solution to the world pandemic some day. Therefore, focus on a long term solution and benefit rather than a big solution for the current problem. For example, you can create thoughtful digital communication channels rather than going all out on a big virtual event around fundraising for nonprofits. This is simply because, building and strengthening bonds with your audience is more likely to keep your supporters with you. 

Adopt change management techniques

Do it for your staff! Many times, new techniques and processes can leave your staff disheartened and discouraged, this is a very common reaction to sudden change. However, it is your responsibility to reassure your team, hold virtual meetings and do a run through of the new system so that each member gets familiar and comfortable. Encourage your staff by giving a shout out each week to a member who is successfully using the new digital platform or tool. Communicate your milestones through emails and hold virtual pizza parties for each development made. 

Your digital transformation should act like a big umbrella that benefits the entire working of your organization, from staff to supporters and beneficiaries. The success of your transformation will be defined by the results that your team delivers. Plan well, do well! 


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