5 Free Social Media Management Tools to Bookmark in 2021

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5 Free Social Media Management Tools to Bookmark in 2021

Fundraising for nonprofits has been made a lot easier and fun with social media. This is so because you and your audience can effortlessly talk about different causes and campaigns; social media is a great platform for crowdfunding as well. That being said, the management of social media is equally important as planning a social media campaign. In this article, we have listed down a few free social media management tools that your organization can put to great use. 

  1. Hootsuite

This social media management platform offers a Free Plan that allows you to schedule 30 posts in advance while managing 3 social profiles in one place. In addition, it also paves way for your business to generate leads out of social contests. This tool can be a lifesaver if you have been spending hours of your time putting together a social media posts calendar and setting a continuous reminder for yourself.

  1. Later

As the name suggests, this tool helps you schedule your post just the way you like it, so that it gets published later. Focused majorly on Instagram, it will publish your scheduled posts automatically and you get access to tailored insights that can help you reach a wider audience. Another benefit of this free tool is that it enables you to plan month’s worth of social media posts in minutes. It is a boon when you’re fundraising for nonprofits as it also lets you know your unique Best Time to Post.

  1. Buffer

The tagline for this platform/tool reads “simpler social media tools for authentic engagement” . True to the statement, it is simple and much like Later, it will suggest the perfect time to publish your post based on the activities of your audience. It is also similar to Hootsuite as it allows you to manage multiple social profiles on one platform. The best part is that all these can be used and experienced for free. 

  1. Facebook Ad Manager

The performance of your ads and campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can all be tracked and monitored via Facebook’s Ad Manager. It is free to use and all the creation, budgeting and goal-setting for your campaigns can be done through this tool. Tracking and measuring the success of your ongoing ad is crucial, this tool delivers just the solution. 

  1. TweetDeck

If your social media strategy largely revolves around tweets and interactions on Twitter, then this is your tool to help manage your social media better. It allows Twitter birds to add team accounts and custom timelines; it also enables the creation and management of Twitter lists and searches. In March this year, Twitter announced that the brand is working on a ‘big overhaul’ of its TweetDeck platform. Product chief Kavyon Beykpour and his team are known to be actively working on a new TweetDeck that they plan to show off later this year. This is a tool that is on its way to an upgrade and currently free to use for all Twitter users. 


For a great end result, a thorough knowledge of how to build an effective social media content strategy is essential. As your mission of fundraising for nonprofits continues, it is important to remember that being active on social media is a great way to interact with your supporters and widen your horizons. With the rise in online communication, the adoption of a good social media management tool is an ideal way to strengthen your digital foot hold.

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