3 Things to remember to make the most out of your crowdfunding campaign

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3 Things to remember to make the most out of your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is a fairly new trend when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. It’s an easy way of reaching out to an extremely large audience and getting support from everyone who feels passionate about your cause. But only deciding to set up a crowdfunding campaign, for a cause, on a well-known platform won’t take you too far. A lot of campaigns are competing for a limited amount of attention and resources out there. Some measure of strategy, engagement and creativity needs to go into it to make it a success.

Here are a few things that you need to remember to make the most out of your crowdfunding campaign.

Create a page that engages your potential donors

Having a compelling fundraising page is the first step towards evoking some interest in the minds of your potential donors. Stories are the best way to make people connect with your cause. With the use of emotional pictures and videos, depicting the people that you serve and explaining how their funds could help bring a difference is a great way to move people.

Make a compelling pitch

Introduce yourself and tell about all the great work that you have done in the past. Clearly state what are you raising money for and include your fundraising goal. You need to set a deadline to create a sense of urgency in the minds of your donors. Show the link between their act of donation and the impact that it would end up having. Articulate all this in an effective and compelling manner which catches your donor’s attention.

Engage your network to promote your campaign

You need to spread the word about your campaign to as many people as you could. Social media is a great way of achieving this. Make use of the various platforms that it has on offer and the different communication channels to spread the word. Most importantly, engage your network and ask your supporters to promote your campaign. Provide them with articulate messages to share with their mailing list and post on their individual social media accounts.

These are three most important things that you need to keep in your mind while going about your crowdfunding campaign. It is a great innovation to raise some quick funds but you also need to be at your efficient best to make the most out of it. Remember that engaging your audience is the key for a successful fundraising for nonprofits.

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