4 Things to remember while creating a hashtag

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4 Things to remember while creating a hashtag

Social media has changed the rules of engagement for nonprofits. At the very least, it has added a new dimension. It perfectly fits into your nonprofit fundraising endeavors by helping you to spread the word about your campaign at an extremely low cost.

The word ‘hashtags’ is often associated with social media. It allows all the users who might or might not be following you to see your tweets or posts on that particular social media platform. Anybody who has some interest in the subject portrayed by your hashtag could follow your post even if they aren’t following you. This allows you to reach out to all the potential people who are interested in what you are doing. This is what makes hashtags extremely important for your nonprofit.

Here are a few things that you need to remember while creating a hashtag.


Once you have decided on the social media platform that you are going to use, think of something creative for your hashtag. Your hashtag should be able to explain the most important idea behind your post or what you want to say in a brief manner. Think about the words that you must include in your hashtag to achieve this and make it unique. It should be succinct and easy to understand.


Now that you have decided on a few options on what to use for your hashtags, research and check if these have been used before in any other social media platform. Try not to use something that has been used before in any other campaign.

Be a part of the trend

Research on what is trending at that moment on social media and see if you could plug it down in your hashtag. Being a part of the trending hashtags bandwagon will make your post much more accessible by taking you to a much wider audience.


The most important part is promoting your hashtags. Ensure uniformity by using it in all your social media posts. You can also add other hashtags that you think are relevant for a much wider reach. Ask all your volunteers and supporters to use the same hashtags whenever they are sharing your posts.

Creating a hashtag is the most important method of marketing on social media and sharing your story. The more people you reach out to, the better it is for your nonprofit fundraising.

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