Nonprofit fundraising outside social media: 5 Ways to go about it

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Nonprofit fundraising outside social media: 5 Ways to go about it

There are no two ways about the fact that social media is the most effective platform to market your cause. But there are people who aren’t as active on social media and you need to have alternate mechanisms for them. Therefore, combining offline methods of sharing things is as important as marketing yourself online. At the end of the day, you should leave no stones unturned to make the most out of your nonprofit fundraising efforts.

Here are a few methods that you need to keep in mind to market your cause outside social media.

In person

Talking to people is one of the most effective ways of building relationships. But it could get really time consuming to talk to one person at a time. You could save time by talking to like minded people at an event or by hosting a party. Share everything about your cause and all the good work you have been doing. Don’t hesitate to make an appeal for donations towards it.

Over the phone

Nonprofits do rely on telemarketing to spread the word about their cause. It is much more personal than emails and texts and could be the next step towards an in person meeting. You can’t have a really long conversation over the phone and need to be succinct about why the person you are talking to dedicate their resources towards your nonprofit.

On bulletin boards

Create a poster interesting enough to catch the attention of people and include all the relevant details that your potential donors would need to get inspired. Include a call to action and tell how they could make a donation towards your cause. You could use the old fashioned bulletin boards in cafes, community centers and other local establishments. You could also go for virtual bulletin boards and search for niche communities who might welcome your cause.

Email marketing

This is really effective in reaching out to supporters and potential donors on your mailing list. You could share notifications about your campaigns and send reminders about the annual drives during the holidays.

In a news article

You could find a suitable local publication and pitch your story to them. Local media finds a lot of interest in human stories. If an article on you or your cause gets featured in any local media publication, it will help you garner a lot of support.

These are a few methods that you need to follow apart from your social media marketing to reach out to people. The more the number of people that you reach, the better it is for your nonprofit fundraising.

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