Nonprofit Fundraising: How to reach modern donors in 7 steps.

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Nonprofit Fundraising: How to reach modern donors in 7 steps.

The methods used for nonprofit fundraising have evolved from time to time, the generation of today’s modern donors think differently than the givers that existed ten years ago or more. The modern givers are tech savvy individuals who look for convenience and how they can relate with causes of your organization; the most popular ways to perfect your outreach would include opting for an intuitive donor management software and enabling mobile giving, among many others. Let us take a look into the seven best practices for reaching modern donors.

Make sure your website is presentable

Your website defines you and your organisation, therefore it must be pleasing to the eye and accessible on any device. Your website should give a message that aligns with the act of giving; all links and options given should be functional with a direct page for easy transactions.

Be mobile friendly

We now live in a world where all it requires is a simple text to give. Mobile phones are the most used devices among today’s generation, therefore your fundraising should enable transactions through mobile giving. A good example would be GiveCentral that provides its users with that kind of convenience.

Leverage your social media handles

Promote and advertise yourself, create a connection with your donors through your images and contents on social media. It is okay to get personal with your content by posting stories that will encourage more donations, customize your content so that your donors can ever relate to your posts.

Peer to peer fundraising

Provide your donors with links that they can share on their social media accounts, this enables your supporters to raise funds on your behalf by requesting donations from their peers. Peer to peer fundraising for nonprofits is a great method because it makes it possible for your organisation to reach out to people beyond your actual limit.

Offer different ways of engagement

In order to retain the attention of your modern donors, it is advisable to offer them more engagement than just donations. Call for volunteers and host an event where your supporters can contribute more than funds, this will ensure a better connection. It is vital to promote your fundraising event both online and offline.

Customize your messaging

It is important to have segmented messages to suit different sections of your donors. Some donors donate weekly or monthly while others give annually; instead of sending a common text to all your supporters on several occasions, have different messages for each section.

Be courteous

Modern donors like to be acknowledged, so never forget to thank them for their donations. Show your donors that you are appreciative of their effort and funds, make them feel like giving over and over again.

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