9 surefire steps to guaranteed #GivingTuesday success

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9 surefire steps to guaranteed #GivingTuesday success

Held annually on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday has helped to amplify year-end fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charitable causes since 2012. With fundraising for nonprofit marking its presence each year, this is the time to start preparing for #GivingTuesday using a modern donor management software like GiveCentral.

Start with choosing a donation platform

Donations should be easy and quick, therefore platforms like GiveCentral make it easy for nonprofits to organise and manage their funds without any hassle. Go for a donation platform that will achieve your goals satisfactorily.

At GiveCentral Community, nonprofits have access to smarter tools that help small to mid-sized nonprofits with their fundraising and donor management efforts. Its robust web-based giving tools lets donors contribute from anywhere, at anytime, without installing any software.

Know when to launch your Campaign               

Make sure that you pick the right time to launch your campaign, atleast a month before the grand day is an ideal time to do so. Tools like GiveCentral Fundraising for the Future will help you plan ahead through an access to the best practices programme.

Polish awareness within your team  

Instruct and encourage your team to read up on Giving Tuesday and get creative with your easy fundraising ideas. There are also numerous articles that will channel you towards success on this giving day, all available on our blog.

Be on the same page as your Board Members

Make sure that your board members are equally up for #GivingTuesday. Initiate their participation and provide them the support and advise that they need.

Engage the modern donors

A lot of young givers look for convenience and you can give them the same through mobile giving. GiveCentral Texting Tools and  GiveCentral Go are good options that will help you keep your donors engaged. We have an entire article about modern donors which includes engagement tips as well.

Get teen volunteers to work for your fundraising

Teen volunteers are your best bet not only because they are the most energetic but they very often come with new fundraising ideas. You can refer to GiveCentral’s blog article on the same topic.

Focus on spreading the word

Promote your campaign at every level possible. Get people talking through publicity in newspapers, radio,social media, e-mailers and word of mouth.  Promotional videos are a good start to become contagious!

Use Branded Promotions

Although there are promotional materials that are already branded to #GivingTuesday, it is always advisable to customize your own, especially if you’ve opted for the creation of a unique brand for your #GivingTuesday campaign. GiveCentral Fundraising for the Future is a service that provides personalized attention as per requirements of your campaign.

Retain the loyalty of your donors

As a nonprofit, you’ll want your supporters to keep coming back to you and your mission even after #GivingTuesday.  Be courteous, welcoming and warm in your communication all through the campaign, create bonds that will last.

Be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to make your #GivingTuesday donors feel extra special for supporting you and contributing to your positive cause.

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