5 good reasons to add podcast to your marketing strategy

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5 good reasons to add podcast to your marketing strategy

A fabulous playground, the podcast is a powerful voice for businesses and nonprofits alike. The podcast phenomenon goes well beyond journalistic or cultural productions, it is now part of marketing techniques to serve the image of all kinds of brands.

The success of the podcast is evident today. Widely adopted by the general public for several years now, this latest support for listening and discovery is full of promise for brands. Because it requires a simple setup with inexpensive tools, podcasts are becoming an integral part of communication techniques for nonprofits. Podcasts fit perfectly in a global content strategy and is a powerful channel to promote the development of your audience. It boosts all your communication channels and multiplies the commitment around your brand, your products and your services. So, what is a podcast? How to include it in your content strategy and how to measure for successful results?

A contraction of words Ipod and Broadcast, the podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automaticallyFor a company, the benefits of creating one’s own podcast are multiple.

Reach your customers and prospects

Customers like to hear from you.  The podcasts are a perfect match for the content consumption patterns of your potential customers: fast, convenient, available everywhere, for immediate consumption or whenever they want.

With resource constraints,  not all nonprofits would have the resources to reach out to all clients with every update. But a podcast offers the opportunity to share ideas in podcast sequences, to share information on inbound marketing, business, industry …, in short, issues specific to your donors.

Loyal and lasting relationship with your customers

It is important to develop avenues to attract new donors, but equally essential is a plan to keep them. Set desired expectation by creating an editorial calendar with a list of key topics you think are important to maintain you donor relations. This will allow you to establish a frequency and keeping to your goals. Podcasts make great content pieces as it is easier to tell your donors a story, inform them of the latest news related to the brand, share interviews of experts, in short enrich them while entertaining them.

Interactions and exchanges with your prospects

Interact with your donors, give them the floor. Ask them to ask questions following the broadcast of the podcast. You will be able to answer them at the beginning of the next podcast or via another channel of your choice such as Facebook for example. Encourage them to interact, like and share the sound content produced.

Diversification of you content

To reach as many people as possible, do not hesitate to build on your core themes, topics related to your brand or your nonprofit. Aim for new segments, be inventive, invite the influencers form different fields to share their thoughts and opinions. Also adapt the formats according to different social media channels.  In short, have fun experimenting, it is still the best way to make it fun for your audience.

Promote your nonprofit

To better serve your marketing offer, integrate the podcast into your entire content strategy. Promote a long term production. Diversify your topics and cover your subject in-depth. It’s a good way to reach your donors. Great content is shareable and podcasts around your products and services areas to share.

Give meaning to your communication

To promote your brand in the long term, there’s nothing like a podcast. This format allows you to make sense of your purpose, deploy it over time and create it sustainably. Again, play on the variety and quality of your proposal. You will thus energize your entire ecosystem by feeding it with varied proposals.

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