Make your nonprofit grow with GiveCentral Salesforce Sync

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Make your nonprofit grow with GiveCentral Salesforce Sync

Learning from mistakes has always been an apt thing to do. This is applicable when you are just starting off and learning, but what do you do when you want to do it right at the first go? That’s where we come in to help. With a syncing between GiveCentral and Salesforce, our motive is to help you focus on your mission by minimizing on administration related tasks, thus paving way for the growth of the organization. 

We believe in achieving more with less. Therefore, the two-way data syncing between these two tools speeds up the onboarding of new donors. Real-time reports have become easier to make with a customizable format. The crowdfunding campaigns that are being run by your nonprofit can now be easily connected to Salesforce campaigns; this will allow you to track campaign influence and view engagement history on the same record in Salesforce. The launching of a multi-channel campaign is an available option too; you can sync data from a range of mobile fundraising services. For example, you can receive donations in person at events with the help of GiveCentral Go; this is enabled by a bluetooth card reader and can be used along with a swiper device so that donors can make donations by simply swiping their credit cards. You can even set up and manage giving via mobile and text with GiveCentral Connect (our mobile application) and GiveCentral Texting Tools.

Communication is extremely important in fundraising campaigns. Based on their giving history and preferences, you can pair your donor profiles with the correct messages and communicate better. Our communication tools can be used to create customized responses to all giving activities in order to enhance your fundraising. 

This sync provides the following new benefits to nonprofit Salesforce users:

  • 1. Easily manage gifts, including recurring and one-time donations, pledge setup, payment changes, delinquent pledges, and failed transactions.
  • 2. Automated updation of expired credit cards.
  • 3. Donors can access their accounts to update payment methods, view giving history, and update general information.
  • 4. Administrators can easily create custom giving pages.
  • 5. Easily set up and manage crowdfunding events.
  • 6. Easily set up and manage giving options via mobile and text.
  • 7. Use smart tokens to allow donors to make gifts with one click.
  • 8. Enable customized responses to all giving activity.
  • 9. Personalize detail information for donor credit card and bank statements.
  • 10. Administrators can add and edit donor information and payment methods directly in Salesforce, while donors can create and manage their profiles in GiveCentral. 
  • 11. Ability to see real-time transaction activity from GiveCentral. 
  • 12. Simplify the management of one-time and recurring gifts. 
  • 13. Easily identify and remove duplicate donor profiles from Salesforce.
  • 14. All fundraising activities and reports integrate with your Salesforce account.

Our implementation process is easy – reach out to us and our team will get in touch with you for an in-depth discussion. We understand your business and provide the best support for the growth of your organization!


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