Fundraising with Mobile: Introducing the GiveCentral Go app

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Fundraising with Mobile: Introducing the GiveCentral Go app

Nonprofit fundraising is so much more than just raising funds. It’s about building lasting relationships with your donors and, ideally, it’s about working so efficiently that you don’t have to spend all your valuable time hunched over a spreadsheet. At least, that’s the dream. But the reality is often complex. In fact, chances are you spend as much time thinking about fundraising as you do actually fundraising. If only there was a way to streamline the process!

That’s where our new app comes in. As the mobile app and card reader partner to our GiveCentral online donation tool, GiveCentral Go app enables you to raise money anywhere, at any time. That too, without slogging through paperwork or having to organize a bunch of volunteers. With its clean and organized interface, you can use the app to collect funds securely and efficiently. Given that the app houses accounting and communication tools, too, fundraisers can save precious time by creating engagement and donation reports all in one place. By automating much of the manual process, the accuracy of your record-keeping increases. On the other end, when your campaigns are in order, it becomes easy for donors to support you. You might call it a win-win; we call it the future of giving.

How GiveCentral works

Our online donation tool GiveCentral has better capabilities than any donor management system out there. It enables nonprofit organizations to carve out a unique online presence by creating a custom donation page on the GiveCentral website. Admins can use independent administrator accounts to manage donors, communicate, or make changes to fundraising events. And if you’re worried about bringing donors to your page, we help with that, too. Find free, editable marketing materials like email templates, sms templates, donor signup cards, and more on your dashboards. Plus, we provide you with ongoing technical support by phone, email, or webinar. Our goal is to ensure the long term sustainability of organizations like yours.

Our robust web-based giving tools let donors contribute whenever they want without installing any software. They can make a one-time donation, set up recurring gifts, or simply allocate funds to a chosen category.

Payments can be made by all major credit cards or electronic checks, and are secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Donors then receive emails confirming their transactions, and they can also view or save all information related to their payments. It’s easy, convenient, and quick—just like giving should be.

One major pain point that our GiveCentral tool solves on the administrative end is the dreaded paperwork. Most nonprofit organizations are used to spending serious time and energy on paperwork, accounting, and data management. That includes tracking down delayed payments and updating expired payment methods. The reason is often lack of resources or technical know-how due to limited funds. Although that maybe true, GiveCentral can help consolidates all of that manual work. When you use our online tool, all of your collection, fundraising, and communication activities are neatly gathered in one place, so that nonprofit organizations like yours can raise more money in less time. In essence, saving you a lot of money in overtime.

GiveCentral Goes Mobile

We love our online tool and think you will too. But what happens when you’re out and about at a fundraising street fair or a charity dinner? That’s where our GiveCentral Go app comes in. It makes the fundraising process even easier, quicker, and more portable, so fans can turn into donors with the swipe of a credit card.

GiveCentral Go is a mobile app and card reader that lets you process credit card and debit card transactions on mobile devices. It can be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. You can use it for both real-time and preauthorized transactions. This eliminates the need for POS machines as well as the need to establish separate merchant accounts for each fundraiser, making fundraising much more convenient. We are constantly innovating, evolving, and adding new features to our tools. Moreover we encourage you to grow with us; our large resource base of blog posts, press releases, articles, webinars, and videos will help you stay informed and efficient.

The Nitty-Gritty

Curious what else you can do with GiveCentral and our new mobile app? You can:

  • Easily set up giving categories for a wide range of fundraising activities. Church collections? Scholarship funds? Selling merchandise? Collecting donations at an event? Quickly set up a new category and start raising money.
  • Access the most sophisticated donor management system in the business. With GiveCentral, you can review real-time analytics, generate comprehensive donor reports, and use the information to build effective, lasting relationships with donors.
  • Communicate in new and exciting ways. From requesting donations to acknowledging donor gifts, you can reach out with custom email messages. You can also manage recipient lists and link backs to your website or social media to engage your community.
  • Engage with donors securely and confidentially. GiveCentral ensures that your donor information is never compromised. Personal information is shared only with the recipient organization. Credit card and bank account numbers are also confidential. Our servers are protected and we maintain the industry standards for online payment security. Any information related to transactions is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Another key point that is often overlooked is system checks. We conduct internal audits at least once every month, while quarterly audits are performed by an independent third party to ensure the GiveCentral website meets PCI DSS requirements.

If you are looking to improve your fundraising GiveCentral and GiveCentral Go are here to help. We can assure you that our tools make online giving much more efficient and far less stressful. What’s more?! We’ve got the lowest processing fees in the marketplace—and the passion and knowledge to help you exceed your fundraising goals. Ready to hear more? Reach out to us today.

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