Donor management software: simplify nonprofit data control

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Donor management software: simplify nonprofit data control

We know that managing a nonprofit is not a cake walk. You already have a lot on your plate. From growing your network to delivering the goals you have set, there isn’t any lack of responsibilities. But what could have caught you in a storm of worry is managing all the data – from the information of donors to the tally of funds raised. Here is the best thing you can get to manage and handle all your data needs – GiveCentral Community, our donor management software for growing nonprofits.

What it a donor management software and why do need it?

We know that you rely on spreadsheets or Excel files for your data requirements. Not only that, you feed all the information of your donors and supporters into the spreadsheet, manually. Because of which consolidating and analysing funds raised at the end of the month or year is an enormous piece of business. And if you have to create special reports on top of that – for example, analysing your repeat donors or effectiveness of a fundraising communication tool, that becomes another tedious task you have no time for.

In such cases, you need a better resources to organize your work and teams. A donor management software is a software that organizes and analyses information of your donors and funds. It has built in capabilities to also perform as a communication, mobile giving or a livestreaming tool.

The software functions to collect the data of your donors and the gifts received efficiently and arrange it into forms or tables. You can track the entire giving history of each donor or household and retrieve the information you require on a click of a button. This tremendously cuts down the manual work at your end so that you can focus on growing your network.

What are the features of the GiveCentral Community?

It isn’t uncommon for a nonprofit to create a strategic plan, set it in motion, and then file it away for a year or more. We will show you the benefits of a donor management software. How technology can be used to link a your short-term goals with its long-term plans. 

Using GiveCentral Community, you can:

Consolidate Information: The software starts to gathers information of donors when they register. Data is updated as they interact with your fundraising campaigns. Likewise, you can retrieve and sort this information as per your need.

Comprehensive reporting: Creating reports is the most tedious task. You have reports for just about everything. How much funds are raised on a monthly and yearly basis, the overview of the collections, or average donations. All these reports are pre-setup on your dashboard. And you can also create custom reports very easily. We have resources and live support throughout the process to help you get the information you need. 

Integrated Communication: Effective communication with your supporters, donors and community is so important for growing your network. There are many content formats like the newsletter, email and text messages that can help you stand out. When you know the personal preferences of your donors you can time you asks or even make a bigger ask. The possibilities are endless. 

Once the nonprofits understand where they stand and how they are perceived by people inside and outside the organization, they can begin to plan for the future.  

How will GiveCentral Community benefit you? In another reason we will help you make a stronger impact. Our donor management software is packed with benefits and many nonprofits and charities are working with us towards that goal.  Summarizing, we can help you

Ditch the manual input. No more manual data entry on newly registered supporters. No more fishing for existing donors in your database to update their funding information every time they give. With GiveCentral Community, everything is automated.

Look for unexpected insights. Every time you are required to present the yearly and monthly reports of the funds raised, you have to consolidate data, create charts and dashboards. But now you already have it on your dashboard. GiveCentral Community saves you time so that you can look for growth opportunities rather than spending hours on creating those reports.

Share your insights. Running a nonprofit effectively means sharing the right information with the right people at the right time. Now you just have to log in and click on the reports you need. Send them by email or print them out. It’s just that simple.

Save time. By automating most of the routine work you are cutting down your energy demand and saving tons of precious time. Your teams work better when they are spending their time on things they love doing.

Secure you data. Nonprofits deal with sensitive information all the time. In addition, they need to treat their data assets with as much care as their human resources. With the industry approved security layers in place, you donor and organization data is safe with us. 

The true value of a nonprofit data strategy is in developing a culture where all teams think of the future requirements of the organization. In conclusion, the data that is the lifeblood of the organization. Therefore, it must be collected and updated. Moreover you data should be error free and consistent. The tools you use should be able to support your quest.

In my opinion, nonprofits that successfully complete their digital transformation are primed to thrive in the future. Those that lag behind will always be struggling. Where will yours be?

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