8 Ways a donor management software can help create better fundraising campaigns

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8 Ways a donor management software can help create better fundraising campaigns

A donor management software is like a CRM for nonprofits that helps you measure the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns with robust analysis and reporting tools.

It facilitates a user like you make informed decisions, supported by rich data from your marketing campaigns. Most importantly, a donor management software makes your job as a fundraiser, a whole lot easier by pointing out what is working and identify opportunities for real growth.

Here are some ways a donor management software can help you create better fundraising campaigns –

Get information that helps you run effective campaigns

Marketing reports can help you analyze the smallest details of the performance of your fundraising campaigns. Most software solutions, like GiveCentral let you set up customized reports and use the predefined reports available to measure the success of your campaigns. You can analyze your data in depth and improve your strategy to drive more conversions and faster growth.

Analyze high-performing marketing lists

You can track the performance of your email lists over time. This is a great method of quickly identifying the lists that generate the most conversions and therefore are the most profitable. You can then segment you lists and create highly personalized messages to drive better conversions.

Identify the sources that contribute to growth

A donor management software can be synced with most channels you use for you campaigns. That is an indispensable feature as you no longer have to log into different channels and can have a bird’s eye view of all your campaigns at one place. Identify the top sources of conversion, be it ads, social media, or email, and replicate your efforts to get a better ROI for your marketing initiatives.

Determine the level of engagement of the campaign

Identify the campaigns that generate the most engagement by measuring open, click, and response rates, engagement numbers by location, device, and more. Automate messages for your bigger donors and nurture new leads based on the conversion cycles for each segment.

Measure the results of the marketing journey

You can identify the performance of your automatic campaigns over time with detailed reports. Track email metrics by individual journey, steps to conversion, and replicate them for future success.

Identify your overall performance

Get the big picture of all your donors, households, overall trends in engagement, subscriptions, and more in one place

Analyze the performance of an individual campaign

Use your software to interpret your success by measuring your campaign’s detailed metrics like opens and clicks per hour, segments, email customers, identify top links, and who responded to them. GiveCentral also lets you compare and visualize the performance of your campaigns and journeys with bar charts, line graphs or tables.

Collaborate with other functions, teams, time zones and more

Most software now have a mobile app giving you much greater flexibility at the tip of your fingers. You can create separate reports that only you can view, or reports that you can share with your teams.

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