Five last minute Christmas fundraising ideas for your nonprofit

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Five last minute Christmas fundraising ideas for your nonprofit

Christmas is all about holidays, celebration, family, bonding, giving and positive vibes. Yet for nonprofits, this season is all about creating and executing successful fundraisers. The month of November and December are known to build up the biggest fundraising for nonprofits as they entail two huge occasions namely, #GivingTuesday and Christmas. Planning and strategizing for big fundraising events are done atleast two or three months in advance. In case you’re thinking that you’re too late on planning, fret not, for GiveCentral has put together a list of five easy fundraising ideas to keep your nonprofit on the go.

Match the Gift

By opting for matching gift programmes, you can double the donation that you receive during this season. Many big corporate offices have this programme set up, which means that they will donate the same amount that you’ve been able to raise. All you have to do is contact several Human Resource persons and check if you can strike a deal.

Call and work the magic

Here is where courtesy comes to play. You know that you do not have so much time to run a full fledged fundraising campaign, a method that is most likely to work now would be making calls to your existing donors. Thank them for all the donations they’ve made this year through mobile giving, text to donate and other such tools. This would not only make them feel appreciated but will also automatically act as a reminder to their year end donations.

Christmas gift wrapping service

Seen as nonprofit fundraising on a smaller scale, this is an excellent idea for local nonprofits, schools and faith based organization. You can offer gift wrapping services to your friends, family and neighbourhood; asking supporters to volunteer for the same would be ideal. You can also ask if local stores would allow you to set up a stall where you charge a small amount for gift wrapping their goods.

Christmas themed fundraising day

This is one of the most easy fundraising ideas that is not only simple but fun too. There are so many “days” that can be organized around “winter” and “Christmas”, for example, Christmas Cake Day or Christmas Sweater Day. Reach out to your supporters to help you raise funds by asking them to get their cakes and sweaters to work, spread awareness about your cause verbally and on social media. The donations involved in this strategy can be managed using modern donor management softwares and methods like mobile giving.

Organize a craft market

It is a well known fact that the best fundraisers are community events. Get local artists and talents to sell their products at this market as gift items; you can charge them an amount for attendance or offer them a percentage of the revenue. Mobilize your volunteers and supporters to create a buzz around your craft market.

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