December Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations in 2021

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December Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations in 2021

The month of December is indeed a beautiful and a celebratory one, it is also the season of generosity and compassion. While fall may be another popular time to raise funds, the months of November (46.2%) and December (30.8%) are most popular for making year-end appeals.  It is not surprising that 28% of nonprofit organizations raise between 26% to 50% of their annual funds from the requests they make at the end of the year. Improving your fundraising for nonprofits requires organizations to stay updated on new ideas and strategies. In addition to our virtual thanksgiving event ideas, here are fundraising ideas that you can consider for December. 

Competition: Bauble Decoration

This is a fun way to raise funds, especially for learning institutes and community organizations. 

  •  It is ideal that the baubles are white or transparent – a blank canvas for the convenience of your participants. 
  • The prize of your bauble decoration competition can be decided based on your target audience.
  • The entry amount that you can charge should depend on whether you are providing the bauble or the participants are getting their own. 
  • One the competition is over, you can sell the decorated baubles among your supporters and raise additional funds.

If not an in-person event, you can take this competition online on social media and ask for submissions with a deadline. Feel free to choose your judges from organization leaders to arts & craft teachers. 

Photos with Santa

Come December and it’s Christmas – celebration, gifts and of course, Santa! Fundraising for nonprofits can be an entertaining one with this idea. Organize a meet-and-greet with Santa and his elves; you can partner up with a local shopping complex or mall. You can also use a public space and ask parents to bring their children for a line up of photographs. The pictures can then be printed on the spot to bring in donations. 

Holiday Wreaths & Gift Wrapping Services

Having a wreath on the door is a trend when winter comes around. You can gather your volunteers and create beautiful wreaths for your supporters to purchase. If you think you have an amateur team, a simple Youtube tutorial will help you get started. 

You can also offer gift wrapping services to houses in your community. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not really excel at the art of gift wrapping and they will be more than happy to take your services. 

Christmas treats

Not a new idea, but definitely a way to get a lot of funds. From hot chocolate and chestnuts to mince pies and Christmas pudding, there are a list of attractive treats that you can offer in exchange for funds. These treats will also provide an enriching experience to passers by and really bring in the Christmas vibe and spirit. You can also sell your treats online. However, the announcement has to be made at least 3 weeks in advance so that you know who wants what. 

Christmas tree disposal

Once Christmas is over, disposal of Christmas trees becomes a ‘pain point’ for many individuals. Raising funds by offering a Christmas tree disposal/recycling service is a great idea! Charge your way through the disposal of the trees. This is an idea that is environment friendly as well; simply announce a collection point from where you’ll pick up the Christmas trees altogether. 


Try combining two or three ideas together for excellent results. Focus on making your fundraising for nonprofits a success and close the festive season on a positive note! 


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