8 Ways to avoid summer giving slump

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8 Ways to avoid summer giving slump

Summer is a beautiful time of the year, yet it can be a pretty daunting one for nonprofits including churches. This is the season of vacations and other summer events which may involve a lot of travelling and getting away. So when the majority of your donors go out of station, your funds automatically dip and this challenge of giving definitely isn’t something new. Thankfully, with proper planning and the help of technology, you can avoid this summer giving slump and fuel your nonprofit fundraising.

What you need to focus on is the fact that come what may, you still have a cause to fund, people to help and a project to finish. This is exactly why GiveCentral has listed out a few ways to help you through all summer fundraising.

Good mental preparation

A strong mind accounts for strong results. It has been a few years that you’re aware of the dip; so keep a strong and positive outlook in such a situation. Start researching on how other nonprofits are dealing with the same issue, learn from every competitor and be geared to build your funding up. Make a plan inorder to smoothen your nonprofit’s entire summer giving.  

Promoting mobile giving

With the advancement in technology, you would be missing out on a lot if you do not keep yourself updated. Mobile giving comes in various forms, this simplifies the process of giving. GiveCentral’s Text-to-Give allows donors to make a donation directly from their mobile devices, any time, anywhere. It is convenient for fundraisers too, because donors are led to the relevant mobile friendly fundraising page. This is possible through a simple text from donors with the required donor details. Text-to-Connect enables the donors to input their information directly into the fundraiser’s database. If there is any change in the given information, notifications are guaranteed. For nonprofits, GiveCentral provides unique texting numbers for Text-to-Connect through which donors can text their primary information, like name and email.

Automated donations

On an average, anybody who makes a recurring donation gives more frequently per year. In order to avoid a summer giving slump, you can get your donors to automate their donations. You can make people to sign up for the same by creating awareness about recurring donations and communicating the importance of consistency. When it comes to recurring giving, you don’t have to make a big announcement, just let your donors know that it is an option that is made available for them. You can do your research and finalize on a software that will help automate the donations.

Engagement is the key

The best way to go about engaging your donors even while they are away is to own and maintain a donor or church app. This will notify your donors on the go, check for updates can be done anytime and donations can be made with one tap. An app will help in intensifying the connections between a nonprofit and its donors.

Plan your own summer activity

Why do people go out of town for vacations? Mostly, it is to enjoy and have fun. You could give your donors the same thing with your fundraising activity. A summer activity series can be created that will make your donors feel like sticking around. The weather can be used as an advantage, it could be an outdoor concert with local artistes or a picnic on the lawn. Make sure that your event is the one everybody wants to attend; start promoting the same one month before the actual date, especially on social media.

Save up for summer slump

It is never a bad idea for your nonprofit to have a financial cushion in case your plans do not work out. Keeping aside some funds for emergency doesn’t mean lack of faith or willpower, in fact it shows that you thoroughly understand the true meaning of stewardship in nonprofit fundraising.

A survey conducted by Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax Group shows that the average church saves 2% of its annual budget.

Focus on your storytelling

Every nonprofit, every cause has a story. It is very important to connect with your supporters by putting out things that interests them. Choose images and testimonials that will help your cause in earning more donors; tell of success stories, tell of selflessness and kindness. All through the summer, share stories on your website and via social media. Remember to thank people for financially supporting your cause to make these stories happen. This is a great way to let people realize that their financial gifts continue to make a difference even during the summer months.

Look for partnership

If you are a nonprofit but are not working together with any other fundraising body, you can approach churches for a partnership. This way, you can always expect more volunteers and skill contributors to help you achieve your goals. You can have an agreement for a one-time offering and giving shout outs to each other will also help in generating your presence. Working with a church will give you an idea of how different kinds of nonprofit organizations function, it means there is more learning.

Most of the people that are linked to your organization are going to want to continue with their summer routine. At the end of the day, what matters most is how many of these supporters can be made to realize that summer giving really matters. From planning, to execution and then monitoring of results, one can always learn from what has been done right or wrong. The ideas listed above are surely a few ways through which you can either avoid or control a slump in your fundraising, preparations at least a month ahead is ideal for any fundraising event or campaign.

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