5 Simple Virtual Summer Fundraising Ideas

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5 Simple Virtual Summer Fundraising Ideas

Virtual fundraising is not new, but it became necessary in times of Coronavirus. Nonprofit organizations, becoming familiar with this new trend, are able to continue using these tools even as life returns to normal, due to its many benefits. Online fundraisers open up your events to more people, both inside and outside your community. With the insights gained from these virtual events, you can embark on new avenues of reaching out to your fundraising campaigns. Virtual fundraisers also offer nonprofits the opportunity to better educate donors about the organization’s mission. The technology used for these events and the attention you get from donors ensures a better learning process for everyone. In this article we will be talking about 5 simple and powerful virtual summer fundraising ideas to kick-start your giving online. 

1. Online Gala Dinner

Your annual fundraising gala is extremely important to your budget. The idea of not organizing this event is terrifying. Instead of canceling their annual gala parties, many organizations have opted for an online party that anyone can attend. This necessary adaptation made the event accessible to a greater number of supporters and also opened up more fundraising possibilities than before.

Virtual galas are becoming popular out of necessity, but the difference in cost is also worth noting. Galas can stretch most of your budget, but the price of one of these events can be huge. On the other hand, virtual galas don’t have to cost a dime. At the same time, sponsors and attendees can enjoy more options with a virtual event and they could spend more to be part of this new trend.

The competition for event sponsors is fierce and the trades you offer for their support are a bit mundane. By hosting online fundraising galas, sponsors can reach a larger than average audience and you can offer them the opportunity to run a commercial during the event. In return, you can request higher amounts from sponsors.

Event attendees have enjoyed a delicious meal at your gala in the past, but this year the dinner will be held at their home. This is a win-win situation for your organization. Instead of spending money on dinner, you can offer your visitors the option of ordering a meal from your caterer. Since the cost of dinner usually absorbs most of the price of admission, the difference in cost doesn’t matter in the long run. The guests of your online event will be able to enjoy a delicious meal and your caterer will be delighted to be able to serve a wider clientele.


That doesn’t mean you can’t get attendees in the mood just because your fundraising gala is happening online. Ask your board members to sell virtual tables and add the ability to form smaller groups for each table via GiveCentral Live . Ask your guests to dress up and share photos of the celebrations at home. Find a host to perform online and add online auction and raffle options for all attendees.

2. Fundraising Telethon

Remember when almost every organization tried this option? Telethons take time and effort, but with today’s technology and people’s euphoria, it seems appropriate to reintroduce this option.

3. Virtual “Happy Hours” Evenings or Virtual Refreshment Evenings

Nonprofits are getting creative with virtual happy hour planning. To collect donations for your fundraising campaign during your event or virtual meeting, you can send an SMS. GiveCentral’s “text to give” allows one-time and recurring donors to easily make donations by mobile phone. After your virtual event, you can send a text message to remind attendees to donate.

Mission Driven Events

Virtual fundraisers are not only less expensive to organize, but also give you more options to include your mission in your annual events. Online events make it easy to share videos, emails, and images. People are also more focused on what you have to say online because there aren’t as many distractions.

4. Fundraising in Networks or between Pairs

With the right tools, your followers can be your organization’s biggest advocates. Network fundraising is an opportunity for donors to spread the word on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other important holidays and raise money for your nonprofit organization.

By helping them create a personal fundraising page and giving them stories and pictures of recipients to share online, you can not only raise more money online, but also develop a deeper relationship with a keen follower.

5. The Lottery

Lotteries are always a hit. Most people are willing to donate a small amount for a chance to win big. With just one sponsor and a great giveaway, you can raise a few dollars from hundreds of supporters online. Today’s technology allows nonprofits to reach and share their story with a whole new audience.


The coronavirus pandemic has really opened our eyes to the possibilities that online fundraising can provide. With a little creativity and courage, you can improve the results of your annual fundraisers and create new online events to reach more people, present your mission and raise more money.

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