5 Fundraising event trends: Predictions for 2018

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5 Fundraising event trends: Predictions for 2018

As the year 2017 has gone by, it is time for us to reflect on our mistakes and look at all the bright spots. Learn from your experience to be able to make 2018 a great year when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. We also need to have an eye at the changing technology and other innovations. A lot has changed in the world in the past one year. New trends have emerged which a nonprofit needs to factor in, in its calculations, to be successful.

The fundraising events are also seeing new trends emerging with time. Let’s have a look at some of these Fundraising Event Trends that we predict for 2018. It’s an opportunity to learn from it and get oneself ready for the changing times.

Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving has only been picking up with time and that trend is going to be reinforced even more this year. There are many more ways coming up to incorporate mobile giving into your fundraising strategy. It makes life really easy for your potential donors by simplifying the whole process to give. The text to give services are set to become a major part of the mobile fundraising strategy. They make it really simple for individuals to donate by simply just texting.

Donor Management Software

A donor management software could bring in the required efficiency that your nonprofit badly wants to be able to compete with the host of organizations in the nonprofit space. The funds and the attention span of donors are limited. One needs to be working at their efficient best to be able to make the most out of all the opportunities present there. This is where a donor management software pitches in, helping in activities like accounting, tracking of funds, data analytics, data security, etc. It leaves you with more time to look after your donors and fundraising strategy.

Setting up of Recurring Donations

To be successful in your fundraising for nonprofits, you need to move beyond attracting donors for only one time. You need to encourage them to commit for long term giving. This a reason why the trend of setting up Recurring Donations is picking up. They not only help in increasing revenue for your nonprofit but also help in achieving a greater donor retention rate.

Donor Centric

Fundraising for nonprofits is going to get increasingly donor centric. With more attention being spent to look after the needs of the donors. Telling them a great story, getting in touch with them on social media and keeping them updated with all the results are some of the many things that nonprofits are going to do to give donors a higher priority this year.

Event Branding

There is going to be an increasing focus on branding of events for a greater fundraising success. Starting from standardizing of design to creating a hashtag on social media, a lot of effort has to go in the branding of events to catch the attention of the audience.

These are some of the many Fundraising Event Trends that we predict would catch up in 2018. These are already in practice but they are going to see an exponential growth this year. This would make it imperative to make these a part of the strategy for a successful fundraising for nonprofits.

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