5 Year-End Tips For Charitable Giving: Things to Know

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5 Year-End Tips For Charitable Giving: Things to Know

In fundraising for nonprofits, advance planning is necessary in order to be successful. Charitable giving has to be planned for donors as well.  Nonprofit organizations can help their donors turn their gifts into a mutually beneficial donation. It is not just about receiving funds, it is also about thinking of the financial tax benefits of your donor. Here are some year-end charitable giving tips to ensure your nonprofit is poised to make the most of your donors’ generosity and you are putting your best foot forward.  

Become the ideal organization

There are multiple good causes that your donors can support. But only the donations to 501(c)(3) qualified organizations are tax-deductible. For instance, the IRS automatically recognizes churches as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations as long as they meet the IRS requirements. Therefore, make sure that you let donors know that supporting your organization will be beneficial to them as well. Including this information on your website is a good idea. Donors are sophisticated and look for ways to maximize their charitable giving so make sure they know the details about your tax-deductible status.  

Upgrade your giving tools

When you’re involved in fundraising for nonprofits, it is important to constantly evolve. Consider offering giving methods and tools such as online and mobile giving, if you haven’t already. Did you know that over the course of the last year, giving through mobile devices has increased by 50 percent? Make your donors evolve with you, take the journey together. Include tutorials on giving tools in your emailers and social media. Let your audience know how text-to-give is an easy way to donate that also saves time and energy. Offer giving tools on a platter, let your donors choose.

Help create a giving plan

Deliver convenience to your donors by helping to create a plan for their donations. Your donors might want to donate once or on a regular basis. A donor management software such as GiveCentral allows your supporters to plan their giving. The platform also enables recurring giving which makes it easy for both donors and nonprofits to initiate and complete the process. It is ideal for donors to be able to see where their donations are going, thus keep them informed every step of the way. 

Segment your donors

Communication is key when it comes to your donors. To really relay your message, your audience must feel like you are in their shoes, as though you come from their experience. This is why it is important to segment your audience into three groups – prospective, lapsed and current donors. You can then personalize your communication and the call to action. Do this by addressing your donors using their first names and mentioning the last gift amount or date. Let your donors know that you care and what their donation will do to advance your mission.

Thank and recognize

There will never be enough words to thank your donors and show your gratitude. Sending thank you messages immediately should be a continuous practice. When donors feel valued, they are more likely to speak positively about your organization. Such donors are also more likely to come back and support your cause over and over again. Giving is about building relationships that last. As you thank your donors, also take time to guide them through the upcoming campaigns that your nonprofit has lined up. 


When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, there are important decisions to be made. Plan well for your campaign and consider your donors as major players. Along with your team, strategize wisely and execute as best as you can!


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