GiveCentral’s guide for a successful year end fundraising

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GiveCentral’s guide for a successful year end fundraising

December is here and we are just a few weeks away from 2019 coming in. The year end coincides with the holiday season and is the time when nonprofits get the most bang for the efforts put in. People are full of generosity and it’s easier to gain donations and support. But at times, it might feel that you are yet not ready with an effective strategy. Fret Not! It’s totally understandable.

It is never too late to begin a successful campaign. Don’t let the most important time of the year slip by without taking advantage of it. To help you in this season of giving, a team of experts from GiveCentral, drawing from their rich experience of helping out nonprofits have come out with an Essential Guide to Year End Fundraising.

Whether you want tips on how to plan and set your year end fundraising goals or want to know about the kind of fundraisers to run, crafting a compelling fundraising appeal or creating a marketing and communications plan, this eBook will take care of each step of your campaign.

So brace yourselves and fasten your seat belts before setting out on a journey with this eBook which will completely change your perspective on how to approach the year end fundraising.

The best part – It’s Free and you can download it online, whenever and from wherever you want.

Download the free copy of this eBook here and kickstart your year-end fundraising. Don’t lose the remaining part of your 2018 campaign. 

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