This Valentine’s Day, garner love for your nonprofit fundraising

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This Valentine’s Day, garner love for your nonprofit fundraising

It is time to spread love as Valentine’s day is around the corner. Every year on Valentine’s day, a word that is synonyms to love, people in the US and around the world celebrate love and friendship. Hearts, chocolates, flowers and cards can be seen everywhere and people can be seen exchanging them to their beloved ones, better half, friends and family members. But who said love can be spread only between couples, friends and family? Let people shower some generous love towards underprivileged children, needy elders or hapless animals. On this Valentine’s day, as a nonprofit, you can drive love towards your causes and campaigns.

You can follow some of the below-given ideas that will help your nonprofit successfully utilize Valentine’s week to draw in attention to your causes, to raise funds or to make people extend a helping hand towards the needed.

Let the theme speak of love and charity

Embracing the themes of upcoming festivals and special events has always been a good way to celebrate the occasion. Your organization, in the past, must have definitely adorned themes to upcoming events such as Christmas, Easter or New Year. Valentine’s day is no different.

Let the theme speak of love and charity

  • Create a theme that is an amalgamation of love and charity.
  • Flaunt the theme on your websites, across social media channels, through emails and during charity events that fall around the day.
  • Make your theme vibrant with lots of images, GIFs and videos.
  • Send out newsletters and start blogging on topics but by interweaving it with the text and images around the idea of Valentine’s day

Send out “love” emails  

Underneath the quilt of red roses, heart-shaped cushions or the sparkling diamonds, there lies a much greater and intense meaning of love that we must ponder upon. Enlighten your supporters about the broader definition of love – the perspective of love beyond the general belief – can fetch you a great deal of altruism. Donating a small amount, offering a one time meal to an underprivileged child or mere caressing of a shelter animal is a fine form of love. What can be a better time than Valentine’s day to do so?

This Valentine’s, we are sure that your supporters will appreciate these efforts of spreading love, but prior to that, you must put some efforts to communicate them about these ideas. Emails, for the purpose, can be a savior as it will help you communicate the idea to a larger audience in no time.

Send out “love” emails

Send out customized emails to your supporters sharing your idea on how they can shower the love towards your causes, but make sure that you don’t miss out on the theme.

For your email purposes, GiveCentral has the feature of Email Manager which allows you to create customized emails for all your email requirements. Once you create email templates and set the template for a particular event, you can even automate the process of sending emails.

Organize V-Day events and campaigns

For Valentine’s week, you may think of organizing events and campaigns, especially for couples to participate. This will provide them with an opportunity to celebrate the day beyond romantic dates and dinners. You can get ideas and inspirations, for organizing special events on Valentine’s week at your charity house and nonprofit, from the following:

  • Chocolate making competition for charities supporting children
  • Card making competition
  • If you are running an old age support home, you can organize food and wine making events

It’s this love-inspired themes and events that will capture the attention of people. Let people get inspired by the idea of spreading the love on Valentine’s to the ones who need them the most.

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