Nonprofit Fundraising: Everything you need to know in 2019.

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Nonprofit Fundraising: Everything you need to know in 2019.

We are one month down into 2019, yet the planning phase for nonprofit fundraising continues to be carried forward. With modern giving methods such as mobile giving and text-to-give, there is so much to keep up with.

As a fundraising platform for nonprofits, we consider it our responsibility to keep a track of fundraising trends and share the same with our readers. Here are 7 Fundraising trends your nonprofit should consider in 2019.

Change in pattern of social media fundraising

Social media is a great place for spreading awareness and campaign outreach. In fact, Instagram is said to have achieved 1 billion monthly active users in 2018; it has also come up with its IGTV feature which allows nonprofit organizations to engage better with their audience. However, anything done in excess can lead to repercussions, therefore too many posts on social media can be harmful for your nonprofit fundraising; it may also come across as too monotonous to your viewers. In an attempt to reduce overusing of social media, Facebook and Instagram have introduced time management tools as well. Pre-planning the number of posts to be published in a week and following through seem to be the next big trend!

Native social media advertisement

In simple words, native social media advertisement means communicating messages and information to your audience, through ads that do not look like ads. For example, if you want to let your donors know that you are accepting donations through mobile giving ( text-to-give, text-to-donate, smartphone apps) then you can put it out in the form of an ad, but your viewers will see it as a normal content. It is a paid marketing technique that helps you reach the right audience with the right information.

Donor Centricity

One of the trends that doesn’t go out of practice is being a good listener to your donors. The best trends usually include more about the donors than the nonprofit or even the cause. It is very important to let your donors know how they are helping in making the world a better place; send them hand-written cards, thank them over emails, practice authenticity with your communication, make your donors the centre of your campaign.

Marketing Photography

Be it your website or social media handles, the content of your posts speaks a lot about your fundraising plan. For instance, posting a picture of an old man who has received the donation is a good idea. But instead of the man looking away, it will definitely be more impactful if he looks into the camera and strikes an eye contact. This is known as marketing photography, a photography that tells a story.

Human Video Content

Video posts are doing very well on the internet, the engagement it initiates is remarkable and effective. A video content that involves humans associated with your cause will make more impact; this could be testimonials or narration of stories from the people you wish to help by raising funds.

Read, observe and learn

Adding to your knowledge never puts you at a loss. As a nonprofit organization, you will have to be aware of what is going on around you, read more and explore more. This is not limited to the nonprofit world only, there are certain things out of the fundraising world that can be relevant for you. Let us cite the example of the Fiji Water Girl at the Golden Globes who promoted Fiji water in a way that is recommendable. Promoting your fundraiser doesn’t necessarily have to be in a conventional way.

Pre-plan for crisis

Even with the best execution plans, there are times when a fundraising can falter, so be prepared for that too. A nonprofit needs to include a crisis management section while planning for a fundraiser; this can include readymade responses and timelines that avoid delays.

It may look like it is a lot of work to raise funds for a cause, but it is all worth it in the end. You can read our collection of expert opinion on fundraising trends here. For a sure success nonprofit fundraising, you may also consider promoting modern giving techniques like mobile giving which is quick and easy. This is apt for the Gen Z(modern) donors who are always on the go, living a fast paced life. 

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