Top Fundraising Platforms for Catholic Organizations

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Top Fundraising Platforms for Catholic Organizations

In 2023, online giving including mobile giving is a must have for every church to boost its fundraising efforts. These modern techniques are convenient, giving is made simpler through these methods. It is a huge benefit for your church when you sign up with a fundraising platform that offers features that can not only help you raise more funds but also take care of storing and tracking your donor data. An ideal fundraising platform would be the one that saves you a lot of time and energy while creating a hassle free process. This article lists down 5 of the top fundraising platforms for Catholic organizations. 


In the process of raising funds for your organization, GiveCentral can help you engage with donors in 5 seconds or less! This is the ideal platform for an all in one church fundraising solution.

With GiveCentral, you can:

  • use tools such as text-to-give, crowdfunding and mobile giving to simplify the giving process.
  • easily personalize your ask and your thanks.
  • make all communications a dialogue, never again will donors need to re-fill information.
  • immediately improve your year end mailings without changes to your database or mailer.
  • can easily add new members and donors at the end of year and many more. 

The platform offers a dashboard through which tracking of donor information becomes really easy. With the help of GCSmart tools such as the use of QR codes and links, you can lead your donors directly to your desired pages. provides online tools for church and members management. The platform also offers products that can help you create an engaging church website. is, in its entirety, a church and ministry focused online fundraising platform. With the platform’s worship feature, team members can effortlessly play together from the same sheet music on a single worship planning app. 


Donorbox is a multi-functional fundraising platform that offers various features and a quick setup process. There is no start-up or monthly fee required – you do not have to deal with any contract either. Donorbox makes it to our list of top fundraising platforms for Catholic organizations because the platform enables growing and scaling your cause with memberships. Getting started is equally easy with a free sign up. 


Breeze offers group management that also includes events and check in . The platform is super easy to use. Alongside church management technology, Breeze is great for churches that are looking to schedule or invite volunteers to events. While offering security, this platform is great for Catholic organizations that are interested in giving users access only to what they need. 


According to reports from admin and donors, Pushpay offers an easy to use user interface. The platform has its own podcast that includes real talk from church leaders about overcoming their challenges and thus, growing their ministries. Pushpay also has Kiosk through which you can create an in-person giving experience from your tablet. 


The above list of the most ideal fundraising platforms for Catholic organizations has been created keeping in mind the fundraising needs of churches, especially post Covid. There are many options available for your church, however, it is up to you to decide which one is the right choice for your religious organization. Making the right pick after being fully aware of your church’s requirements can lead you to achieving your fundraising goal and prioritizing your church’s mission. 

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