Transform Your Giving & Engagement With GCSmart Tools

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Transform Your Giving & Engagement With GCSmart Tools

The role of a nonprofit fundraising software is to bring about efficient management and successful fundraising results. Many fundraising platforms offer softwares that come with tools such as mobile and online giving. But how do you define the best fundraising software? The best software would be one that will take care of your requirements as a nonprofit and also offer convenience to your donors. Building a lasting bond with your supporters is important, it is ideal for a nonprofit organization to look beyond just donations. This is where GiveCentral comes in with its new and enhanced smart tools, powered by artificial intelligence. GiveCentral can help you revolutionize your appeal and fundraising results in the coming year. 

The past couple of years have been a recovery time for many charities, getting back up from the impact of the pandemic has been nothing short of challenging. However, nonprofits and churches that have signed up with GiveCentral are already nailing their fundraising campaigns. 

GCSmart tools is a set of modern tools that can help in an extensive boost of fundraising results and also increase engagement with the donors. Read on to learn how GiveCentral is more than just a nonprofit fundraising software. 

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GCSmart – Taking it many notches higher!

  • SmartQR – This is all about making direct mail more impactful. Personalized QR codes for all your donors that can improve direct mail outcomes by more than 100%.
  • SmartLinks – While most charities on average ask their donors to re-enter information 6-10 times per year, GiveCentral offers personalized links for 100% of your donors with emails.
  • SmartText – Critical gateway for connecting and giving. Through this, new members can learn about your organization in 15 seconds or less.  Existing donors are immediately recognized and can give in 5 seconds or less.
  • SmartGive – Engaging and re-engaging existing donors with one click to make a new gift or increase an existing gift.
  • SmartConnect – This allows your community to engage with questions and sends a “thank you” in seconds. Potential new members get to learn more or join in 15 seconds or less.
  • SmartReport – Reports can now be customized, saved and scheduled. With immediate availability of reports, your reporting options are now unlimited. You can now take a break from personalizing reports again and again.  
  • SmartConvert – You can now convert all your donors in just days. Think of seamless transitions.
  • SmartDashboard – Whether it is saving favorites, key reports, benchmarking or opportunities – these options are all available via GC’s SmartDashboard.
  • Knowledge Center – In addition to webinars and customer service, GiveCentral offers a learning center with information on GC’s  features and functionality.  All your questions are now searchable including best practices and video tutorials.

GC’s SmartSupport – for all your events and campaigns.

GC has now put tools and processes together to provide automation and hands on support to maximize your engagement and giving in key areas.

  • Appeals & Campaigns: Well managed appeals and campaigns include 200+ key activities and more than 1000 tasks annually. Processes and tools have been built to make it all seamless for you. While your focus is your mission and message, GC’s focus is on making the activities and processes seamless.
  • Events: Deploy all the tools and templates needed to manage your events from a 5K to an auction to raise the paddle.  
  • Offertory: GC’s QuickImpact process can help increase both church attendance and giving in as little as 12 weeks.  

While offering you all the benefits of a nonprofit fundraising software, GiveCentral focuses on simple giving and quick engagement. It is all about transforming your giving while improving your engagement rate, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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