15 Spring fundraising ideas

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15 Spring fundraising ideas

We are aware of how important the year end fundraising season is for the nonprofits. But now that it is behind us, it is time to focus on the next big fundraising season. Spring provides one such opportunity to nonprofit organizations. According to data, outside the year end fundraising season, April generates the highest donation volume. So it is time to gear up and prepare for an amazing spring ahead.

Here are a few Spring Fundraising Ideas that we have compiled for your nonprofit to learn from and make the most out of all the opportunities this season.

Easter Egg Hunt

Select a park in the locality and organize an Easter Egg Hunt. Charge a participation fee and make sure adequate supplies are in place beforehand.

April Fool’s Day Fundraiser

You could partner with a local radio station to pull pranks on people. Ask for contributions in exchange for a prank being pulled by a comedian. People could suggest the ones they would like to have a prank pulled over.

Earth Day Hike

Hiking is a great fun activity and its even more fun when it’s organized in a group. Ask all your volunteers and supporters to be a part of it and organize their personal fundraisers.

Charity Walk

Organize a charity walk and appeal all the people taking part in it to donate for your cause. Keep a low participation fee to have proper arrangements in place for it.

Musical Concert

You could engage a local band or some local musicians to hold a musical concert that people could be a part of and enjoy in. Make it a part of a small fundraising event and let people be aware about your cause.

Spring Break

You could tie up with a local college or school and ask the students to volunteer for your cause during the spring break. You could give them certificates at the end of it to motivate them.

Arbor Day

Host a tree planting ceremony and involve your supporters in it. You could hold a fundraiser around the event asking sponsors to donate to have their brand advertised on a plaque around the trees.

Lawn Mowing for a Cause

Spring is the time for cleanup. You could ask the services of your volunteers in helping you to clean the lawns of your community. Advertise lawn maintenance and mowing services in exchange for a donation.

Spring Dance Party

You could rent out a large space and organize a night of some old fashioned fun. Have tickets for it and ask people to buy them or make a donation to be a part of it. You could choose any theme to make the night more interesting.

Field Day Games

Ask teams to register together for different events and provide them with fundraising pages. This day would consist of a lot of interesting games or activities for people to be a part of and win. Award prizes to the winners.

National Pet Day

If your nonprofit is concerned with animal well being or works closely with pets, ask your volunteers and supporters to raise fundraisers in honor of their pets.

Mother’s Day

One could incorporate the mother’s day which falls on May 14th into their spring fundraising calender. Ask people to hold fundraisers in honor of their mothers. You could also ask for donations to support programs which work for children and women welfare.

High Tea Party

You could rent a space to host high tea and sell tickets in exchange for a seat. You could spread the message about your cause at the event. But make sure to be articulate about it and keep it short and fun.

Passover Dinner

Passover could be stressful for some. Making it fun for people by hosting a dinner full of acceptable foods and traditional recipes. Charge per plate for the food.

Older Americans Month

The Administration for Community Living has started marking May as the Older American Month. If your organization works for senior citizens, you could start a fundraiser around them this spring.

These were some spring fundraising ideas for you to learn from and raise a lot of donations this season. Be creative and put in the hard work to reap all the rewards.

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