Reimagine Your Nonprofit to Keep Crisis Worries Away

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Reimagine Your Nonprofit to Keep Crisis Worries Away

Numerous nonprofits have survived many challenges for decades and hopefully will thrive in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Truth be told, it is not easy to adapt to changes and reposition your organization to keep up with the changing times, especially when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits.

However, it is not an impossible task. At this point in time, nonprofit organizations are witnessing many doors closing and donations dropping; it is indeed a worrying time. But let us look at the opportunities in this; it could be the right time to reimagine your nonprofit and look for ways to improve your organization and turn it into a more enduring one. 


Firstly, it will be pointless for your nonprofit to exist without having any impact. The mission here is to define what you really want to be; your goals and what you wish to achieve. You can start by gathering inputs and opinions from your board members, staff and volunteers. Ask them about what they think your organization is about, what impact does your nonprofit have currently, what kind of impact do they want you to have in the future and what your core constituents are.

Be inclusive,  see to it that the answers you receive are more specific, it will help you prioritize factors and further guide you to strategize better. As you look into having a wider and stronger impact, do make use of data-driven discussions how your current activity will make a difference in a newer environment; make these discussions a candid one. Considering reports of leadership and constituent experiences will also help you in imagining your future. 


Basically the larger system in which you operate, your community is made up of several sections and groups that need constant attention. In order to effectively reimagine your organization, you must take into consideration the central direct beneficiaries. Find out what they think they need and how are their needs and expectations changing currently.

Also, it is advisable to conduct a thorough market research and find out as to what your competitors are doing and which strategies are they adopting and how. This will give you more materials to actually frame the blueprint of your organization better. As fundraising for nonprofits largely includes the donors, make sure that your donors are willing to support you as you take this initiative. Keep in touch with your donors. If necessary, have group meetings on dynamic platforms such as GiveCentral LIVE that will even allow you to have direct donate options. Through it all, keep your social media handles alive with updates and interesting content. 


When it comes to exploring options for your nonprofit, you have to make sure that it is about building an organization that is genuinely in touch with its employees and all the lives it touches. In the process of reimagining, your nonprofit must include as many people as possible. 

Be clear on the people who have to be involved; find answers to questions such as how you want your staff to have a voice, if the board has a meaningful engagement in discussions, among others. Do not assume, speak to people in your office, it all starts from within the organization. If you involve everyone in building your nonprofit to success, you will have a more resilient set up, and your organization will end up stronger.

Additionally, it is important that you identify the capacities and skill sets; make sure that they are in line with your process of revamping. Give importance to continuous learning and professional development; this will enable you to be in sync with the ever evolving marketplace.


You will have to determine how much money your organization is going to require in order to be able to fund your strategies and activities. Taking both direct and indirect expenses into account, begin by knowing the true costs that are involved in all of your programs. This will help you zero in on an amount and make outreach for the right kind of funding.

Be transparent, make sure that many people have a grasp on your financial status; this will pave the way for people to engage meaningfully with your reimagining process, in alignment with your financial realities. It will also help your staff explain better to your donors how their support is needed and how exactly their donations will actually help a greater cause. Once you know how much fund you need, have a proper plan on how you intend to pay up for all expenses. It is important to remember that fundraising is not just transactional; it is also about the depth of bonds you create with your supporters, therefore nourishment of relationships is also critical.

Find your USP

As a nonprofit, set some time aside to actually find out what sets you apart from the rest and focus on maximizing that factor. If you aren’t able to find one, then think of ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. For example, you might be offering the most robust digital giving tool in the market. Make sure that you find ways to highlight services that you are truly proud of. You can always power up your nonprofit by looking at it from different perspectives.

At the end of the day, creativity too plays an important role in the process of reimaging a nonprofit. You can take help from your team members to brainstorm with you. The process of fundraising for nonprofits will also be made better once you have your goals, strategy and execution sorted. Good luck. 

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