Driving your nonprofit to sure success

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Driving your nonprofit to sure success

It is a competitive world out there and nonprofits are nowhere exempted from the competition. Be it operations or nonprofit fundraising, it is high time for your organization to take a proactive stance and lead the game. GiveCentral lists out a few proven nonprofit success tips to polish the functioning, reputation and success of your nonprofit. 

Well defined positioning

It is very important to be clear on what your nonprofit stands for, its mission and why it exists. You need to state the causes you’re supporting and the reason why you’re doing so,the factors that drives your nonprofit to do what it is doing. Consider this, if you raise funds only for churches and your audience don’t know that “fundraising for church” is your specialization, they clearly wouldn’t know what cause to come to you for.

Board of Advisors

Assembling the right board members may seem simple but is an essential part of building a nonprofit empire. Pick members who embody your mission; these are the people who will strategically help you plan your fundraising and connect you to key decision makers. A strategic plan will in turn get you more investments.

Plan Ahead

This is important in terms of goals and budgets. It is wise to have a long range plan of at least 3 years ahead outlining your goals and the methods you would use to attain these goals. For example, text-to-give tools for a fundraising that includes countless modern donors. Discuss these plans with your board members in meetings and decide on what’s best.

Get a profit

It is a fact that even though you’re a nonprofit, you need to have and make some profit; treat your organization like a business. As long as you are meeting the goals for your cause, it is fair for you to keep extra funds which will go into staff salaries or even next year’s budget. You can use these savings for maintenance of the office too.

Keep the support

Keep and maintain the support you receive from you donors; you can do this by sharing success stories and also sharing upcoming activities of your organization with them. Be transparent, give regular updates and remember the importance of courtesy.

In addition to the above five points, treating your volunteers right will help you go a long way in gaining trust and support.

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