How to better the benevon model for sustainable fundraising

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How to better the benevon model for sustainable fundraising

What is the Benevon Model?

The Benevon Model is described as a four step process for raising sustainable funding and major gifts from individual donors. Over 5000 nonprofit organizations have successfully implemented the Benevon Model. At times, meeting people face to face as envisaged by this model could be time consuming. But it does guarantee one long term supporters. It is these long term supporters who help a nonprofit to sustain.

The Benevon model could be made even better and efficient by an addition. Coupling the model with a donor management software could give a boost to your nonprofit’s success. It saves your time by taking care of various activities. This would give you more options to focus on building donor relationships and the fundraising campaign. It is the donor relationships and the more people that you engage which determine the long term success of your nonprofit. This will enable you to have the best possible impact.

Let’s break down the Benevon model into four phases. And look at how the addition of a donor management software like that of GiveCentral could make your nonprofit a success.

Step One: The Point of Entry Event

In this phase, one of your nonprofit’s ambassadors like that of a staff member, volunteer or supporter could invite their friends or potential donors to an event. You could collect the contact information of the guests and educate them about your cause. This could be an opportunity to turn them into supporters.

A donor management software could do all this collection of data seamlessly. It would allow your ambassadors to reach out to a much larger audience by going online.

Step Two: Follow Up and Involve

In this phase, nonprofits follow up with their guests and ask for feedback on their event experience. The guests are also asked if they would like to become an ambassador and invite some of their friends for a future event.

If they give a positive response, they are given more information on the campaign. Some responsibilities are also divulged to them based on their areas of interest. If their response is negative, they are Blessed and Released.

With the help of a donor management software you could send automated messages to your guests, seeking their response. This would save both your time and effort.

Step Three: Ask for Money

After spending some time with the potential donors and nurturing them, it’s time to ask for a donation. You could either meet them in person and solicit contributions or at a Benevon Free One Hour Ask Event. At this event, the guests are asked to join your nonprofit’s Multiple Year Giving Society by making a gift of $1000 per year for the next five years.

A donor management software could help you to set up monthly recurring donations. The per month amount would be a much smaller one which would look much more approachable.

Step Four: Introducing Others

In this final phase, nonprofit’s host a donor cultivation event. In this event, you could let your donors know how much you value them and thank them for all their support. Encourage them to be involved as ambassadors and invite more people to your cause.

With the help of a donor management software you could keep your donors better informed. The automated messages could help you in this regard.

Benevon Model is a sure and tested method to raise your nonprofit’s funds in a sustainable manner. Adding a donor management software would make the entire process quite smooth. Moreover, it will help you to reach out to a much wider audience.

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