Mobile fundraising with GiveCentral’s Text-to-Give Service

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Mobile fundraising with GiveCentral’s Text-to-Give Service

It is great to use fundraising tools to your nonprofit’s benefit. Technology has contributed to nonprofit fundraising by enabling nonprofits to achieve their fundraising goals through new and modern ways. Mobile fundraising being a popular fundraising tool, comes with benefits as well as drawbacks. With this article, let us take a look at how the benefits of GiveCentral’s texting tools outweigh the disadvantages of text-to-give fundraising.

Recurring options

Since the texting method doesn’t have options to sign up as recurring donors, there are more chances of having givers that do not come back. Often, there won’t be a way to facilitate recurring giving.

It could be more expensive than you expect

Setting up of this tool involves some if not more money. This includes expenses like vendor fees, maintenance and setup fees, payment processing fees and the cost of the software itself.

It doesn’t offer a clear-cut engagement

You cannot interact with your donors through text-to-give, therefore it might become difficult for you to build trust and gain their loyalty to your cause.

Lack of follow-up

There is no next step after the donation is made. Unlike mail-in donations, follow up with the donors is likely to be non-existent.

Lack of branding and storytelling

Donors miss out on important elements of your brand(organization) such as your logo and positioning when they donate through text-to-give. Along with the absence of branding, there is also a lack of storytelling as your donors have no option where they can read more about your causes or interact with your team.

How is GiveCentral Text-to-Give the solution?

With GC’s product, your donors will receive an automated thank you text which will make them feel appreciated; this will in turn increase the chances of your donors returning time and again. We offer a service that is cost-effective, donors are directed to fundraising pages of the selected cause for better engagement. Our Text-to-Give tool gathers information entered by your donor and delivers it to you, this paves way for a personalized communication which debunks all deficits of branding and storytelling; follow up becomes easy and quick too.

Inorder to decide on a method to execute your fundraising ideas, identify the nature of your cause, set your targets and take the right call!

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