15 Questions to help decide on the right fundraising platform

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15 Questions to help decide on the right fundraising platform

When we say a nonprofit fundraising software, the first and foremost thought is the high cost that goes into the purchase and maintenance of the same. But imagine this, being a nonprofit without the right software to support the majority of fundraising methods and activities could cost you so much more. Therefore, it is very important to blend with the trends of the industry you’re in and be a part of the modern development.

To begin with, you need to be well versed about the latest fundraising trends that are being adopted by other nonprofits and charities. Research more and expand your knowledge on the topic, this will help you figure out what exactly you need in your fundraising software. Some prominent factors to consider before you come to your final decision have been discussed below.

Donation as an investment

Modern donors today do not simply give for the sake of donation, they look at your cause as an investment; they donate to a cause that they might like to continue supporting over a long period of time. Hence, it is your responsibility to enhance this process for them; your software should be able to maintain a donor database with proper categorization of one time and recurring donors.


With huge donations come the responsibility of maintaining transparency that will allow your donors to track and understand where their money is going. This would cultivate more trust that can eventually lead to more engagement.

Easy to operate

The fundraising tools that your software provides should be easy and convenient to use. It is important to not forget that your donors will also include the older generation who prefer simpler and less complicated ways to donate. GiveCentral Go is a good example as it is intuitive and GiveCentral provides an in-person training for this tool that makes it all the more convenient.

Considering the above determiners, there are questions that you shouldn’t ignore to bring about a successful fundraising. Let’s have a look.

  1. Are you currently using a fundraising software? If yes, does it help in meeting all the technology requirements needed for a modern fundraising campaign?
  2. When was the last time you checked on the service quality of your fundraising software?
  3. After an estimation of the current status, what are the fundraising features that your organization require?
  4. Will your software survive the competition in the industry?
  5. In case you are looking to adopt a new software, does it provide multiple giving options to your donors?
  6. Mobile giving is one of the most popular giving methods today, does your software support the same?
  7. Can your software help with donor stewardship?
  8. Does your nonprofit fundraising software allow for an easy customization?
  9. Is your system open to creation to new campaigns?
  10. Is your software user-friendly? Think of all generations of donors.
  11. Courtesy is a must. Does your fundraising software support automated message of gratitude to donors?
  12. How well can your software perform donor segmentation?
  13. Does it support and promote transparency?
  14. Which new feature does your software offer to donors?
  15. Does your fundraising platform support the positioning of your nonprofit?

You can ask these questions to yourself and discuss it with your volunteers and board members; do not hesitate to look for an expert opinion even outside your organization. You can look for recommendations and ideas on social media and the internet as a whole. A software that will help you achieve your long term goals and maximize your donor engagement would be ideal. Your donors should be your first priority as that’s where the donations come from.

There are a lot of fundraising platforms that offer free demonstration of the software they provide, feel free to experiment and take your time to decide on the best.

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