3 Easy fundraising ideas for Mother’s Day!

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3 Easy fundraising ideas for Mother’s Day!

To prepare yourself for a great spring fundraising season use Mother’s Day,  which falls on the second Sunday of May each year. It’s an especially good opportunity for school fundraising too- to show some appreciation  and love to their own teams and by students while doing some good. On a different note, other causes related to mothers like breast cancer or women’s issues in general could also be taken up on this day. Most people look for a chance to honor the women in their lives. They look for ways to thank and appreciate mothers for everything that they have done.

Fundraising for nonprofits doesn’t always have to follow the regular ideas. Think of creative ways to make the most out of these opportunities and raise some much needed funds on this day. Here, we have compiled some great mother’s day fundraising ideas for you to learn from.

Hold a Raffle

You could talk to local business houses to donate to your cause. It could be gift items or vouchers from restaurants or services like a haircut. It could be anything of value. Then hold a raffle and sell these coupons or tickets for $1 each. You could sell some drinks or snacks during the raffle to generate some extra funds.

Bake Sale

Chocolates are something that people could associate with Mother’s Day. Host a bake sale just before mother’s day and include a variety of chocolate cupcakes, cookies and cakes. Include some other flavours like vanilla and red velvet for those who aren’t into chocolates. If your volunteers could bake these, then all the proceeds from this sale could directly go towards your cause. 

Host a dinner

Invite people along with their mothers for a fundraising dinner. Charge a fee for event tickets which would allow you to raise some money. Highlight all the important issues related to your cause and why people need to get serious about it. Share a story to make people feel passionately about it. Make a pitch for donations following it and ask people to join your community of supporters. This could help you in garnering some much needed funds.

Mother’s day is an important event when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. Here were some ideas to help position your fundraiser to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity. 


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