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Consider GC Community for all your information needs

We’ve been listening.

We have many challenges managing information, locating information easily (especially when we’re out of the office), and remembering when we last reached out.

You have asked for help making it easier to keep track of your community. Information is often stored in different places and difficult to locate. Data can be filed on an index card that is never updated. GC Community allows small and midsize charities to instantly access information all in one place. Updating information is quick and easy. Relationships and contact information are easy to find and mobile-friendly. 

We have many challenges managing information, and sometimes technology seems to get in the way.

With GC Community that won’t be the case. Here are some questions you may ask…

  1. Why do I have so many databases?  Information for many small charities can be kept in GC Community databasemore than half a dozen locations. Information across a church may have some information with the church, other information with the school or with religious education or with the men’s club or with the women’s club or with the volleyball team or will all of the above.  We have some information centralized but a great deal of our information is decentralized and disconnected. With GC Community all your information is one place and easily accessible .

  2. How does the information get updated?  If a club updates its information, it’s shared in real time with others who also need access.  Now the school has the current email address and phone number. Even better, the new tool allows members and donors to update their records for you.
  3. Do we still have to decipher index cards?  Giving members and donors the opportunity to update and input their information eliminates the need to update records manually, minimized the need to read index cards and forms with handwriting that is indecipherable, and makes updated information immediately available.  There will still be a few people who may prefer paper but this will become more of an exception.
  4. Why can’t I ever find the right email or phone number?  Often it’s because the information is not updated. It’s impossible to update and maintain multiple systems. You’ll now have one system which highlights preferred numbers and emails.  
  5. What happens if members travel for the winter?  GC community lets you track preferences even while traveling.  Individuals can let you know how long they’ll be gone and what their contact preferences are.
  6. Why do I need Post It notes when I leave the office?  You don’t. You’ll have mobile access to all the information that is important to you.  Not only contact information but history, relationships, preferences and important notes.
  7. Can I track more than contact information?  Absolutely. You can track relationship to other family members and friends.  You can track important events across a timeline. You can track giving history along with personal preferences.  You can track communication history and even upload important documents.
  8. We’ve lost our donor history?  What happened? Many systems only track current members, students or donors.  Now you have the ability to archive and to change status. When a student graduates, they become an alumni and their information isn’t lost.  You can also reach out to them in high school, college or beyond. When individuals move, you can change status but keep in contact. Many elementary schools, for example, have lost track of their alumni.  This will never happen again.
  9. How does tracking relationships help?  Now you’re able to see parents, grandparents, siblings, colleagues at a glance. You’re able to set up separate records for grandchildren and yet still show their relationships.  These relationships help in building community and communication.
  10. How can I use this information?  You can use this information to better share your story of how your mission is making a difference.  You can use this information to create an invitation to listen, to volunteer and to give. You can use this information to determine communication preferences.
  11. How do we respond to questions of privacy?  Your members will exclusively determine what is shared.  Only locations and information approved by the members will be shared.  That being said, your members will often be more open with you than others because of their commitment to your mission.  The information shared is never sold or shared with anyone without permission.
  12. What about security?  Your information can be more secure than ever before.  Information kept on Post It notes or excel documents is not secure.  Many stand-alone systems have limited security. Your information is now encrypted and password protected.  All access is audited and tracked. You will know know who and when information is accessed.
  13. What are some creative ways that we can use this information?  You can use the information to send out birthday or anniversary wishes.  You can use the information to remember important life events like graduations.  You can create shared group directories. You can create a directory with individual or family pictures.  You can do this all at the click of a button.
  14. Will this help make our communications more personalized?  Everything from the text response, to an email thank you, to their credit card statement will be personalized based on your requirements. The first step in personalizing communication is having accurate information that is personalized to your community.  
  15. How do we get help?  We are there to walk you through the process.  We understand that your focus is on your mission.  Our focus is on making this as easy as possible. If you want, we have options to do almost all the work for you to bring your data together.  
  16. How can I learn more?  How can I get started? You can learn more by reaching out to us via phone or email so we can learn about your events and your goals and help customize a solution for you.  You can get started as soon as today. We’d love to help you make your event successful.
  17. What is different about GiveCentral?  We are focused on you, on ease of use, on personal communication, on simple integration, and on helping you keep more of the funds you raise.

Call us.  Join us for a webinar.  Even better, try us out.

Just a reminder!

Our big Product Launch showcasing GC Community, GC Events and Fundraising for the Future is next week!

Join us and other nonprofits, leader taking about the products as they showcase the features of the technology live.

Click on the link to RSVP. 

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