Free Fundraising Resources for Nonprofits to Prep for Success in 2022

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Free Fundraising Resources for Nonprofits to Prep for Success in 2022

What if there was something quick and simple you could do to kick off this new year stronger than ever? We have put together some free fundraising resources that you as a busy fundraiser can use, and get the most out of your campaigns. 

Let’s start with the checklist..Since it’s January, now’s the perfect time for donor thank yous, impact reporting and further engagement planning.

Must-Do Fundraising Actions for You:

  • Personally reach out to 5 donors and thank them for their generosity this season.
  • Email your fundraisers for one last push after the holiday break. Remember to include campaign updates and celebrate wins!
  • Start thinking about your fundraising plan. Schedule 30 mins to brainstorm how you’re going to get the most out of your fundraising in 2022.

Now let’s use the free resources to get your fundraising wheels turning again.

Insights | Top Fundraising Trends For 2022

It’s never been more important to have a fundraising plan and a clear road map that is designed to help you make up for lost funds and meet your current goals and desired destination for your organization.

But before you begin and focus on planning your fundraising initiatives, let us look at some of those top fundraising trends for 2022 that are expected to change the way your donors will give. 

Read more. 

eBook | Donor Thank Yous

You’ve completed your year-end fundraising! You’re done, right?

Not so fast! You may be losing a major source of future support if you don’t build a strong thank you plan to follow up your year-end campaign.

In this ebook, you’ll learn tried and tested strategies to:

  • Make your donors feel thanked;
  • Make your donors grateful for your organization;
  • Keep your donors engaged throughout the year, not just at year-end;
  • And ensure your donors are there and ready to give again next time you ask.

Download eBook

Checklist | Communications Planning Guide

A checklist to increase e-giving by drafting and timing effective communications for parish and nonprofits.

Download Checklist

Article | 6 Tips to Find New Donors in 2022

The good news is that you might not have to look very far to find potential new supporters. Follow these outlined steps to keep your donor community actively involved with your organization. Your supporters are bound to turn into active donors. 

Read more. 

Article | What to Include in Your Annual Report?

Annual reports should be used to highlight a nonprofit’s mission and impact, thank volunteers and supporters, and make a case for donating to the organization. Throwing in a thousand graphs and pictures is not the best way to present your data. Here’s what to do instead.

Read more. 

New to GiveCentral?

Try out GiveCentral’s digital fundraising platform so you can easily reach your 2022 fundraising goals. Sign up for a call today. There’s no commitment.

There’s no reason you can’t make this year your best fundraising year yet.

Happy fundraising!

P.S. Check out some of our fundraising case studies here. 

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