Charitable Giving: Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Father’s Day

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Charitable Giving: Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Father’s Day

There are thousands of reasons to generate charitable giving and raise funds. From helping individuals cover their educational or medical expenses to campaigns aimed at achieving a nonprofit’s mission, the fundraising realm is wide and vast. Raising funds on specific occasions such as Father’s Day is a great way to honor fathers across the globe while performing a good deed. It is interesting that 7 in 10 Americans celebrated Father’s Day in 2021. Father’s Day this year is on June 19 and by ideating early, you can make sure that there are no stones unturned to make your Father’s Day fundraising a success. 

While deciding on the “best” fundraising idea is always subjective depending on your mission and goals, here is a run down of a few virtual fundraising ideas to make Father’s Day a happy one for all! 

Online Sale

Since the past two years, getting work done through online platforms has become a matter of convenience for a lot of people. Make sure that there is a lot of excitement involved in the process, for both father and kids. You can get creative with what you want to sell online for Father’s Day. 

  • Handmade products such as a child’s drawing on a keychain for his/her father. This is not generic but personal and personal goes a long way into winning the attention of your audience. Display samples of the keychain on your website and social media, quote your price. Supporters can pay you for the keychains and that’s how you can raise your funds. 
  • Breakfast in a bag is another way to make dads feel really happy while you get paid for the same. Everybody loves food and a wonderful breakfast would be such a great start to the day. Consider including a croissant, juice, sandwich, tea bags and cookies. Team your bag with a message from the one giving the gift. While you can deliver the bags personally, the sale can be done online.
  • Tickets to an online movie screening. Much like the idea suggested in fundraising ideas for Mother’s Day, there are fathers who love to watch movies and this is the perfect gift for their kind. Talk about the movie to be screened on your social media anf newsletters and get people to buy the tickets. 

Teach A Course

In order to increase charitable giving, you can teach a course to students online and get them to pay for the course. You can even get somebody from your team with a certain set of skills to transfer knowledge. The course doesn’t have to be a complicated one. It could be guitar lessons or may be a baking class. Learning never ends, create your story around upgrading of skills and how it can be beneficial to all individuals. Talk about your mission as well and how the donations will help your Father’s Day fundraising. Channel “learning while supporting a good cause”. 

Virtual Auction

A return to the highest donor is a prerequisite in running or hosting a virtual auction. In order to arrange a return or prize, you can consider collaborating with a bowling center that will give a few hours free bowling opportunity for an entire day with free drinks and snacks. Or, you can even team up with a spa or wellness center. 

  • Create awareness about your virtual auction through newsletters and other communication channels. Provide links to your landing page with detailed information on the date, timing and link to the online auction. 
  • Talk about the prize and how the winner will be picked. Declaring the highest donor as the winner is the easiest way to do this. 
  • Do not forget your test runs and keep your technical team ready. 

Special Campaign Honoring Fathers

This is all about running a fundraising campaign to honor and appreciate fathers. The fund raised can be used to aid homeless fathers across the state with food and basic necessities. When it comes to honoring somebody who is close and dear, more people are likely to come forward. Create an option for your donors to talk about their donation once they have donated. It could have a simple message such as, “I just donated in honor of my father, now you go do the honors.” A social sharing button on your landing page will do the job. 

Online Photo Contest

This is an idea that has been used for various occasions but it never goes out of trend because of its simple execution and the good results it is likely to deliver.

  • Get your supporters to participate in an online photo contest. Request the participants to submit a photograph that shows the deep bond between them and their respective fathers. 
  • The submission is where you generate your funds, let your supporters know the price for one submission. 
  • As for the prize, the winning photograph can be featured on your website for a month. The same photograph can be published on your social media pages. 
  • Inform your supporters that this is not just about winning a highlight but rather, contributing to a greater good on a special occasion such as Father’s Day. 


As you bring your supporters to your landing page, give them options on how they can give such as online and mobile giving, text-to-give, among others. It is also important to remember that charitable giving for nonprofit organizations does not end at receiving funds. Thank your donors and inform them of your future campaigns time and again. Keep the bond thriving by keeping in touch.

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