Mother’s Day: creative virtual event ideas to engage your audience

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Mother’s Day: creative virtual event ideas to engage your audience

Mother’s Day is a secular and civil tradition, but it is also an opportunity to share the joy and gratitude of being able to count on one another as a family. Especially in these special times when mothers and all members of the family have had to invest in living together differently. This year, Mother’s Day will probably be celebrated in confinement again. To engage your audience virtually, here are some mother’s day ideas for creative and interactive marketing campaigns, easy to create and to publish on your digital channels (website, social networks, mobile app).

“MAGIC FLOWERS OF GRATITUDE” and celebration of gratitude and tenderness

Your volunteers and staff with a creative streak will enjoy this activity. Use origami videos online to create bouquets of flowers. Create a fundraising page where your donors can choose a bouquet they want delivered to their moms as a token of gratitude for a small donation.
Include pre-written custom messages like in the example shown with each delivery.  

The Mother’s day celebration is punctuated by the keywords for living with the family, according to what the Pope reminds us:

“These words are: ‘Please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’. Indeed, these words pave the way for good to live in family, to live in peace. These are simple words, but not so easy to put into convenience! They contain great strength: the strength to protect the house, also through a thousand difficulties and trials; on the other hand, their absence, little by little, opens up loopholes which can go as far as its collapse. » (Pope Francis, audience of May 13, 2015)

Virtual love letter

Create a writing contest and invite your community to write a love letter for their mom. Reward the participant who wrote the most beautiful letter or who collected the most votes by offering him a gift or “visibility” by posting his letter on your social networks. This contest works equally well for children, adolescents or adults.

Put TV moms in the spotlight

A very simple yet engaging idea – animate your audience with a ” Who is this?” quiz. The goal of the game is simple: the participants have to guess who is behind an altered image.
You could also reveal part of your image little by little. As time passes (every day or every week for example), the image becomes sharper and clearer to facilitate the game. That helps to keep them coming back to your page as well.

Encourage your community members to share their experiences

The photo contest is always a good idea. Suggest to your audience to share their best photo with their mom or, in another register, to share their mom’s best recipe. Then have the community vote for the most original photo or recipe, and reward the winner.

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