[Infographic]10 Genius Blogging Stats For Content Marketing

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[Infographic]10 Genius Blogging Stats For Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become very popular in recent years and is certainly one of the major marketing trends. To implement a winning content strategy, it is necessary to know how the Content Marketing industry is evolving. This simply means being in sync and staying updated about the latest best practices, issues and constraints. There is no such thing as knowing too much – following industry trends through social media and interest groups is a great idea. The more you know, the more you can help in the growth of your organization. 

This article seeks to be educational with facts and statistics that will help you adjust your content strategy in order to achieve better results.

Content Marketing Trends : UPDATED 2022

  • Visual content is on the rise. Studies have shown that readers can recall 65 percent of the visual content they’ve seen, even three days later.
  • HubSpot found that only 16 percent of online readers take in content word-by-word. The rest are scanning, looking for quick and efficient information.

Surveys from Wyzowl have found that people watch an average of 2.5 hours of video content per day, so integrating video content into your blog is a great way to improve time spent on your pages.

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The more effort you put into a strategic communication program, the more value your nonprofit organization will reap from it. Furthermore, organizations who take the time beforehand to outline their goals, measure success and adjust their campaign tactics will always thrive.

When you’re marketing your nonprofit through content, there’s more at stake than just branding. You have a definite goal- to share your journey, your unique story with a unique group of people, in a way that compels them to act. If you do manage to capture their attention, content marketing becomes a powerful tool to help you convey your message. All the best!

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