6 Types of Content You Need to Create for Your Supporters

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6 Types of Content You Need to Create for Your Supporters

As you communicate on behalf of your nonprofit organization, it is of utmost importance that you know your audience thoroughly. This is simply the first rule of communicating, words and phrases come easier when you understand the interests and values of the people that you are addressing. Fundraising for nonprofits remains to be the ultimate goal of nonprofit organizations, the content of your outreach plays a big role in the process. Content is always referred to as “king”, however, it works better when seen as a “kingdom”. The content of your communication should not be just of a single kind, have variations, these variations become the “subjects” within the kingdom. 

In this article, we’ll take you through a few nonprofit content ideas that your supporters deserve and will love!

Guest articles

Considering that you run a blog and put out articles written by you and your team,  it is ideal that you get other nonprofit websites to write for your website. You can suggest topics that interest you and make the other party make their pick; allow them to make suggestions as well. This can work as an exchange of articles that will help you in link building as well. For example, GiveCentral collaborated with OneCause for guest article exchange, you can check out the article here

User-generated content

Fundraising for nonprofits is a giant umbrella that involves multiple activities that can be made fun with some effort and consistency. Ask your readers and audience to suggest blog topics and allow them to contribute if they would like to. Keep it an open to all activity, you can pick different months for this activity. This is not only about creating dynamism for your website but it will also help in increasing engagement extensively. 

Roundup post

As a nonprofit, it is important to focus on your networking. Trust us when we say that nonprofit influencers have a lot to offer, all you have to do is genuinely reach out to these individuals. Your organization can approach a set of influencers to give their quotes on a specific topic. For example, “work from home for nonprofits” can be an interesting topic, even for your audience to read. 

Mentions & tags

This is an aspect that may seem minute but plays a vital role in building relationships with other platforms. When you have been mentioned in an article, social media posts or even a story update, make sure that you talk about it and share the same on your social media handles. Moreover, when you emphasize on the mentions and tags that you’ve received, your supporters get to know what you have been upto, it’s always nice to communicate good news. 


Newsletters are largely a part of email marketing. Do emails still work? Well, absolutely. Since about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, it is ideal that your newsletters are mobile optimized. When you draft content, keep in mind that too much text will only throw your readers off. Highlight important sections, use colours that will go with your content and keep it crisp. Inclusion of a “call to action” is a must, use interesting subject lines so that your email gets opened and read. 

Media page

Having a dedicated media page on your website will help you build your nonprofit as a brand and give you credibility. Make a list of all features and publish the same on your media page, you can even include resources that can help other nonprofit enthusiasts. In this way, you can showcase your work while providing educational materials. Include links to this page on your emails and other communication materials once in a while


Social media content too must not be avoided at any cost. Create creative images and videos that tell your story, talk about your nonprofit’s achievements. Encourage your audience to engage with you on social media by making use of live videos and other engagement tools such as polls and quizzes. Podcasts have become a trend too, you can organize a weekly talk on important nonprofit topics and aim for more visibility. When you’re fundraising for nonprofits, there is no one right way to achieve your target, so feel free to thoughtfully experiment with your communication strategies. Goodluck!


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