This Is The Best Live Streaming Service For Your Church.

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This Is The Best Live Streaming Service For Your Church.

Many parishes and places of worship are turning to the internet to keep their link with the faithful. GiveCentral Live helps you do the same, effectively. For more than a decade we have been working with churches to help improve their fundraising efforts. Based on our collective knowledge, we have been able to develop new tools built specifically to support these churches during coronavirus.  

We encourage you to broadcast your services online in order to bring church to the ones that need it most. Remembering the words of St Padre Pio,“the world can live without the sun more easily than it can live without the Mass.”

What is GiveCentral Live?

GiveCentral Live is an easy-to-use online video live streaming service built specially for nonprofits. It helps your church broadcast your event, sermon, bible studies, mass, church meetings to a large audience, amplifying your reach.

GiveCentral Live is an all-in-one live streaming service with an embedded donation option, links your live stream to any ongoing event and your texting number. 

It is a secure and high quality stream that you can save for later use like integrating it with your website or your social media profiles. Reach your audience, boost fundraising and sign up new donors, all during your livestream.

 How is GiveCentral Live different?

  • Allows for parishioners to submit prayer requests and contact information
  • Integrated Donate button right in the live streaming screen
  • Any administrator can set this up easily, then share the link on your social media accounts, as well as email direct invitations to donors and parishioners already in your GiveCentral database
  • Parishioners can share the streaming link on their social media accounts as well, letting you reach a broader audience quicker
  • Save videos for later use
  • Stream with YouTube broadcasting and Facebook as well!
  • Many parishes are finding that more than just their immediate community attends virtual Mass – other tools do not make it as easy to continue communicating with them!

Learn more

Watch a short introductory video below to learn more!

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