How to make the most effective use of emails on this World Humanitarian Day?

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How to make the most effective use of emails on this World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day is a celebration of the selfless brave hearts who risk their lives working for causes that help others lead a better life. Every year, on August 19th, this day is dedicated to remember humanitarian heroes who give up their lives to build our future. This day provides a perfect opportunity when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. You could garner support for your cause and create a positive difference. Communication is the key for any successful campaign. And emailers are the most personal way of doing this.

Here are a few things to remember to improve your nonprofit emails, this World Humanitarian Day.

Give it a personal touch

Make different segments of your donors depending on the things that interests them. You could use your past experiences with them or take the help of data analytics to achieve this. Focus on the content of your messages around this and make it personalized for them. Include their name in the subject line and don’t forget to add the information that you feel could help them connect with your cause.

Keep a simple call to action

You should keep the call to action as simple and direct as you can. Straightaway get to the point and tell the recipient of your mail what impact their action is going to have.

Try to improve your deliverability rates

If you send messages to people that they don’t find interesting enough and don’t engage with, it has the risk of getting your emails into the spam folder. Therefore, take steps to make your emails as relevant to your recipient as possible and include a single step opt out link.

Send a follow up email

To build trust in your donors, you need to tell them how their money is being used. With the help of imagery, show them all the positive difference that their efforts have brought about. Ask the people who are being helped by you to share their stories with your donors.

World Humanitarian Day is that time of the year when people are full of gratitude. This could be used as an opportunity for a successful fundraising for nonprofits. The tips mentioned above could aid you big time in this pursuit of yours.

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