GiveCentral School Fundraising: Connect with a community of donors eager to fund your school initiatives

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GiveCentral School Fundraising: Connect with a community of donors eager to fund your school initiatives

Data suggests that as much as $41 billion were raised for colleges and universities in 2016, up from $40.30 billion raised in 2015. These figures are enough to show the amount of donations that are pouring in to schools and colleges. Looking at this opportunity to serve, GiveCentral has come up with its School Fundraising crowdfunding platform. This would allow you to raise the funds needed to support various projects in your school. You could seek funds from your alumni network or anybody who feels passionately about your cause.

How does it work?

You can create a crowdfunding campaign by setting up a donation page in less than 5 minutes. You can customize the page with your story as to why you need funds, your fundraising goals, pictures to help people connect better and updates for each level of giving achieved. Just like any traditional fundraiser, it could be used to get money for the things that your school might need. It could range from extracurricular activities, school support, upgrading to new technology, school supplies and humanitarian education programs.

What are its features and benefits?

Accessibility and Support

The School Fundraising crowdfunding platform comes at much lower processing fees than similar crowdfunding tools and setup can be done in a day. We will be there at every step,helping one to identify the most pressing fundraising needs and establish a workable fundraising timeline and strategy. We will be there during the entire fundraising campaign to help troubleshoot problems and ensure success.

Guidance & Support

When one joins our program, they won’t simply be given a fundraising platform and told to figure it out all by themselves. Our team works closely during the entire duration to help raise funds quickly and easily with the use of a crowdfunding platform and a guided fundraising campaign. We not only help our client to set up their account but also take them through the entire process of implementation, so that their school could start receiving donations without any delay.


We help the school to create a customized page with their own images and branding. This builds trust in the donors that their money is going directly to the school. Our team also pitches in to create personalized email campaigns that one could send to their parents, supporters and others.

This is a tool which is so simple to use that teams or individuals of all ages and experience levels could adopt it. GiveCentral School Fundraising is extremely flexible with customization, support and speedy implementation being its standout features. So just explore it and get started with your first campaign today.


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