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Virtual Summer Fundraising Ideas

Looking for inspiration to raise funds online this summer? While fundraising might still seem challenging due to COVID-19 and its uncertain economic impact this year, it is still possible to host an engaging event successfully.

Remember, the key is to get your loyal donors excited about your upcoming event. Encourage them to get their families and friends onboard. This helps your fundraising event gain momentum, like a snowball rolling down a hill. We have also seen that events that are shareable and include relevant information (like the event details, website links, goals, call-to-actions) perform well.

Throughout the pandemic we shared tips with our readers on how to take fundraising events online, collaborated with industry experts to share valuable tips and virtual fundraising ideas. Don’t forget to refer to these resources in addition to the new and virtual summer fundraising ideas we share in this blog post.

Let’s get started.

Offer virtual conference or live content broadcast (livestream)

There are several virtual conferencing and livestreaming options that now allow your speakers to go live. Some specialized tools such as GiveCentral Live, facilitate donations in real-time. Think of themes that are engaging because when online, people are easily distracted. Also, see which events are now suitable for online platforms. So, rather than offering a meal, include a musical performance, a comic act or even a collective question and answer game online. The proceeds from this event can go to your charity as usual.

Walk, Bike or Run in Virtual Mode.

Host a physical activity on a virtual platform rather than in person and inspire your participants to fundraise as they normally would. You can encourage them to complete fun challenges when they reach an important milestone in their fundraiser (e.g., get on the treadmill, walk or run around their neighborhood, hopping in place, climbing stairs, etc.) . They can then post selfies and share those activities on their social media platforms.

For the live event, host a video conference or provide a platform where attendees can meet live while they complete a challenge at home.

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Preferred Polls

Organize a poll: everyone names their favorite series for example, and you vote. The fan of the series with the lowest score makes a donation.

The Miles of Teleworking

Ask your donors who work from home to calculate the number of miles they save per day working from home, week or month and give the corresponding amount to their charity of choice.

Online Course

Have your volunteers teach online courses in exchange for a donation from the participants. This experience will be a good opportunity to share knowledge and form networks, while supporting the cause.

A lot of organizations we work with, successfully took their events online and surpassed their fundraising goals. From Giving Tuesday to recurring giving, here are some success stories that can help inspire you into action.


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