Why should your nonprofit opt for a donation tracker in 2018?

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Why should your nonprofit opt for a donation tracker in 2018?

It takes a lot of effort to run a nonprofit organization. A lot of things need to be looked at simultaneously. Things could range from fundraising to donor management, marketing to the running of the campaign, etc. The key to success would be the efficient management of all your resources. It is the organization of these resources that will decide how far you will go as a nonprofit. There would be a lot of information to store and manage which could be a really difficult task. This is where a Donation Tracker (more popularly known as a donor management software) could pitch in and make things much easier for your organization.

It is important to look at the preceding year and devise ways of making your organization much more efficient. Having a donation tracker could be one such way to make 2018 a much more successful one. Not only will it lend efficiency to your nonprofit but it would also give you much more time to focus on your core campaign and to go on to build relationships with your donors.

Here are a few reasons why your nonprofit should opt for a donor management software this year:


Having a donation tracker could bring in the required efficiency to your organization by taking care of activities like accounting, tracking of funds, etc and leaving you with much more time to deal with other important activities. Choosing the right donation tracker is extremely important. GiveCentral is one of the market leaders when it comes to donation trackers. GiveCentral helps a nonprofit organization by consolidating all the communication, collection and fundraising activities into a single platform. It not only makes it much easier for the nonprofit to manage things and reach out to its supporters but it also makes it much easier for its donors to give. Administrators save a lot of time when it comes to data management and accounting. It also helps a nonprofit to track all its funds.

Data Analytics

Donor management softwares also helps nonprofits with its data analytics. It collects all the relevant donor information. With the use of this data analytics feature you could make your fundraising strategy and go about your objective in an efficient manner. This could help you to distribute your donors into different groups based on their behavior and then target them appropriately. Market your campaign based on the group that you are marketing to and the communication channel that works based with them.

Data Security

Donation Tracker takes care of your data security and makes sure that it’s safe and secure. The data is stored in the cloud which could be accessed from anywhere and any number of backups could be created.

Focus on your donors

The most important aspect of fundraising has to be the relationships built with the donors. What the donation tracker does best is allows you to build those relationships with your donors and convert them into long term supporters by making them a part of your community. Not only does it make it easier for your donors to connect with your organization but it also allows you the time with all the relevant information to achieve your goals.

Having a donation tracker could make your organization quite efficient by taking care of all those activities which usually take up the bulk of the time. It would give you more time to focus on your fundraising efforts and donor relationships. This would ultimately determine the success of your campaign.

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