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Preparing For Your Annual Appeal Strategy – Top Tools

There’s less stress when you go paperless!

When it’s time to prepare for your annual appeal or offertory increase campaign, don’t let the mounds of envelopes, pledge cards, and billing paperwork cause unnecessary stress. GiveCentral’s catholic fundraising software offers a suite of easy-to-use tools to simplify the process.

Tools of the Trade

It’s hot enough this summer, turn down the heat and eliminate time-consuming tasks when you incorporate SmartGive emails, QR Codes, and in-pew appeals. These tools are built with the donor in mind, while saving your organization time and reducing excessive paperwork. 

Pledge Drive Prep

SmartGive is an inclusive email tool built in our catholic fundraising software, bringing simplicity to the annual appeal process, offering:

·Streamlined pledge collection from previous donors – omitting the need to complete a new pledge form or even log in! 

·Increased donation potential – SmartGive tokens provide percentage-based increases, varying by donor demographic, to boost past pledge amounts.

·Single-click pledge reinstatements – offering a direct link allows donors with unfulfilled pledges to reactivate their commitments with ease.

With the use of SmartGive, expect your organization to benefit from an uncomplicated process, guiding donors from pledging to fulfilling payment effortlessly.

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Efficient In-Pew Offertory

Eliminate manual entry of check envelopes, pledge cards, and billing paperwork by placing a QR code, linked to your parish’s online giving page, in the pews. QR codes allow your parishioners to pledge digitally without difficulty. More online giving offers your administration time to focus on other responsibilities. 

Learn more about exciting products that successful nonprofits and catholic charities use to power their fundraising. You don’t need different apps to access all our features. To view all that you can do with a catholic fundraising software request a demo today. 


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