Donor Management Software: FAQ for First-Time Buyers

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Donor Management Software: FAQ for First-Time Buyers

Do all nonprofits need a Donor Management Software? If you’re managing a nonprofit, it is a term you must come across quite frequently. Nonprofit fundraising is challenging but for a growing nonprofit, an even bigger challenge is updating and maintaining the database. The right kind of donor management software will help you work efficiently and focus on your core function- fundraising. The need for buying a donor management software to manage, record and track all the donor data along with funds is imperative, no matter what the size. The key to making the right choice is finding the right fit for your unique needs. This is where we can help.

While purchasing, certain questions may arise regarding which donor management software will best work for your organization. Here we have compiled a few frequently asked questions on donor management software for first-time buyers.

What is donor management software?

A donor management software is a fully integrated nonprofit customer relationship management software which can organize and analyze all your donor data and funds along with an in-built communication tool.  It is a dedicated online donation tool and data management software specifically designed for the needs of nonprofits and charities which eventually makes fundraising for nonprofits a whole lot easier.

Does my nonprofit need donor management software?

Is your organization on an expansion mode? Are you adding more and more donors into your supporter’s pool? Is handling all the information of your donors and funds in spreadsheet (or the database you are currently working with) making the job tedious? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then your organization definitely need a Donor Management Software.

How do I know which donor management software is best fit for my nonprofit?

Well, the answer to this question depends on the need and requirement of your organization. Analyze extensively, the following points:-

  • number of existing donors
  • the rate at which new donor are adding up
  • funds being raised in a given time period
  • the overall size of your nonprofit in term of management and staff

Which type of donor management software do I look for?

For the best donor management software, you must look into the features the software is providing. Some features to look for are:-

  • An interactive dashboard that should display basic statistics about your organization
  • Seamless switching between the mode in which you want to view the statistics
  • Donor data and fund analysis capabilities
  • Integrated with a communication tool (example:- email composer for creating customized email templates)
  • Metric tracking of individual campaigns
  • Supported by mobile giving and text to donate

How much does a donor management software cost?

We understand most nonprofits operate under budget constraints and a very big question that troubles them is how much will the new tool cost. A  donor management software is crucial for fundraising irrespective of the size and for each, there is a donor management software that fits in the budget. There are multiple options available in the market and the price point varies with the features they offer. If you are a small to mid-sized nonprofit organization,  GiveCentral Community can be best fit for you. We have designed the platform with a wide range of features and benefits, keeping in mind the needs of a growing nonprofit

Though we know it’s not easy to choose one when you might be overwhelmed with choices.  What you need to make sure is going for one which is best fit for your nonprofit needs. Large and popular software will work for organizations of all sizes, but the pricing will also be designed keeping large organization in mind. The simple tip is to delineate the crucial features you need and opting for one that strictly falls under that category.  

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