Giving day follow up: Get your plan right

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Giving day follow up: Get your plan right

Follow up plans are a crucial part of any giving day, #GivingTuesday in particular. As you and your team gear up for the big day, it is ideal to remember the importance of having a clear cut post-event plan. After setting up strategies for an intuitive donation using modern donor management softwares and methods like mobile giving and text-to-give, it is now time to focus on getting your follow up plan right.

Regroup and analyze your fundraiser

The appreciation you show should should firstly be within the team. Get your fundraising team to sit together a day after the main day, appreciate each other’s efforts and spend time to analyze what work and what did not. This will help you prepare better for the next fundraising.

Show gratitude to the donors

Whether it is a traditional event or an online fundraising that you’re executing, have your thank you message atleast 3 days before Giving Tuesday. You can show your appreciation through a card with a handwritten message of gratitude or an email to your donors thanking them for their contribution. It is never a bad thing to let donors know that you’re thankful.

Ask for feedback

It should be visible to your donors that you are open to feedbacks and that you are willing to learn through constructive criticism. The donors that invest in your cause should be given a voice to express their opinion.

Give updates on results

It is very important to provide your teammates and your donors with an update on your Giving Day results. Keep them in the loop and let them know the amount of positive impact that they’ve helped in making. It is also advisable to highlight the next projects and events in advance.

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