Why nonprofits should go for inbound marketing

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Why nonprofits should go for inbound marketing

As many as 1 million nonprofit organisations are competing for funds in America alone. With grants shrinking over time, organisations have an even tougher task at hand. Both at the national and the state level dollars have got really hard to come by. In such a scenario it has got ever more important for nonprofit organisations looking for easy fundraising opportunities to look at innovative solutions to get the desired result. Inbound Marketing could be one such way to build communities and boost your fundraising efforts.

Defining Inbound Marketing in simple terms

When a nonprofit organisation is said to be driven by Inbound Marketing, it actively tries to integrate data driven donation drives and brings in automation in its online platforms and campaigns to optimize and get the maximum impact possible.

Inbound Marketing has taken the over the for profit space and transformed it. It has seen a 200% increase over traditional outbound marketing efforts such as direct mail. Why should the nonprofits stay behind when there is so much to be gained by this solution? In fact there are a few innovative nonprofit organisations which are fast catching up with this idea of Inbound Marketing to advance their fundraising campaigns and are seeing a really positive response to it.

Steps that nonprofits should follow to adopt Inbound Marketing

Nonprofits could make a big impact in their fundraising efforts by adopting the Inbound Marketing methodology which could be broken down into 4 simple steps. We could list them down as follows:

1) Raising awareness about your nonprofit

This is the phase which is ideal for raising awareness about your nonprofit organisation’s mission, services, campaigns and events. In this phase social media and fresh search engine optimized webpages are extensively used to attract people to the nonprofit’s website. Letting people know you and what you stand for.

2) Making it easy for your audience to join your campaign

In this phase, your nonprofit should guide your audience through their initial actions after joining up like downloading an informational brochure, signing up for the e-newsletter and every other little thing for your campaign which makes them a part of your community.

3) Nurturing your audience via data driven marketing automation

In this phase you make use of personalized calls to actions and lead generating landing pages which help an organization in reaching their goals by effectively increasing their digital donations, online enrollment and event registrations.

4) The Rally phase

In this age of crowdfunding, nonprofits should be taking the help of multiple social and mobile touch points together with the inbound tools and technology. This would go a long way to fuel their awareness, donations and impact.

The convergence of data, marketing automation and personalization makes it easier for nonprofit organisation’s short staffed marketing teams to make a positive impact in their cause at a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Nonprofits have specific needs while serving their multiple audiences with different goals. SEO, crowdfunding, Virtual Events, Social Media, Content Marketing, Database Management, Dashboards, Emails, Websites, Apps – all of this play a very important role in making it easier and successful for the nonprofits.

Inbound marketing is cheap and would be much lesser than what a full time employee would cost. The marketing team of nonprofit organisations should take inspiration from the expertise of an entire inbound team, tools and automation platform to build awareness, increase donations, elevate event attendance and most importantly to drive member registrations.

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