Reasons for nonprofits to make Halloween a part of their fundraising plans

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Reasons for nonprofits to make Halloween a part of their fundraising plans

Why should you be making Halloween a part of your year-end fundraising plan and make the most of this easy fundraising opportunity?

Halloween is that part of the year when the smell of apple cider and pumpkin guts swell the air. People get into a festive mood and dress themselves in the most outlandish costumes that they could find. This not only makes for a great time of the year but also an easy fundraising opportunity.

Here are a few reasons why you should host a Halloween fundraiser.

Halloween makes for big business opportunity

Data says that as much as 70 per cent Americans celebrate Halloween. According to estimates around $6.8 billion were spent on Halloween which was almost twice of what was spent in 2005. With this sort of a shopping binge, Halloween comes second to only Christmas when it comes to a consumer holiday. This popularity of Halloween with consumers makes it a good bet for nonprofits to find partners for their Halloween fundraiser.

Halloween is all inclusive

Halloween is not a religious holiday which excludes any communities. Almost every community, irrespective of their religion and ethnicity includes themselves in the Halloween fun. Children, adults, teens – almost everyone is a part of the Halloween.
There would be no lack of participants for the Halloween, which would only go on to increase the audience that non-profits could target.

Halloween trends on the social media

A lot of updates, tweets, posts, pins, pictures shared on instagram are expected around the Halloween. People indulge themselves by sharing party invites, costumes, tricks and pictures. This could be a good opportunity for the non-profits to tap into a trending topic with their Halloween fundraisers. There is also an added advantage of digital marketing on social media during the Halloween when the supporters of a cause could like a facebook page or a picture on instagram that could generate a donation from a corporate partner.

Everyone is trying to make Halloween a part of their business model

Every business tries to be a part of this multi-billion dollar Halloween business opportunity and grab a piece of the pie. This makes for great news for non-profits as they don’t really have to spend a lot of energy in cause marketing and trying to sell businesses for sponsorships. Businesses are already aware of it and get the importance of this holiday.

Halloween fundraising has some great examples for you to take inspiration from

UNICEF has raised tens of millions of dollars with its Trick or Treat campaign.

The annual Boo in the Zoo campaign is run by the National Zoo which has raised a lot of money for the non-profit.

As reported by the Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2011, a non-profit animal shelter which goes by the name of Friends for Life raised $8100 from a group of Halloween enthusiasts passing through a suburb in West Houston.

The popularity and the widespread reach of Halloween makes it a good time for non-profits to run their campaigns and raise funds for their causes. Here are five great campaigns around the Halloween that your nonprofit could learn from and give a boost to your cause.
Some of the points stated above do give you enough reasons to capitalize on this holiday and make the most of it. Make this holiday to be something about more than fun and use it in your overall fundraising plans!

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